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What to do when there are delays in moving forward with your life’s plans?

Last month I wrote about the 10 proven tips for a Balanced Year Ahead, which is a summary of the annual New Year’s rituals that enable me to start the year off on the right foot.

Point 10 on the list describes a process that enables me to check in with myself in a profound way, realign myself to the vision I have of the life I want to live and the person I want to be, and helps me to tune into the current steps I can envision taking that allow me to walk along that path in the best possible way I know how, given my present “tool kit” including skills, talents, assets, connections and apparent opportunities available to me in the present.

It is obvious that in order to live the life of our dreams, we have to first envision what that might be. After all, wanting to have a “happy, fulfilling life,” i.e. the basics of what we all really want, means quite different things to different people, so it’s not enough to say “I want to be happy” but rather define what that would actually entail a very precise and detailed way. Please refer to the Life Path Awakening - New Year's Review and Refresh for further guidance on how to do this in a systemized way by exploring the specific categories outlined. Once you get the hang of it, you can even add some categories of your own, too!

Once we do awaken to our inner vision, it is logical that we then have to next assess how close we are to manifesting those dreams, by taking into consideration our present state of being and circumstances, and what we are currently empowered to do in order to actively align with that vision. We also need to consider how to best become a magnet for the things we want and what we can do to reflect the essence of the person we know ourselves to be on the inside, even if we're not currently showing up in that way in certain relationships.

But what can be done if, after having clarified the vision and laying out the appropriate steps needed to move toward our desired outcome, and then following through with the outlined plans to get there (i.e. following the treasure map), we come up against major roadblocks that prevent us from reaching our desired goal(s) and dream life or dream state in a timely manner?

Just to be clear, by “timely manner”, I mean, “within the time frame we deem is appropriate for the wishes to manifest and the desired outcome to unfold according to how we envision.”

I’m talking about delays! I mean, on-going, increasingly annoying, totally frustrating and unbelievably repetitive delays?! Delays that seem to obstruct every good effort you put into traveling the ultra-efficient highway toward the vision you would like to see manifest, despite your excellent, ultra-efficient plan and effort?

I tell you what I do… after first getting “a little annoyed” and perhaps feeling “somewhat panicked” (=code for I freak out)… I take a deep breath and then I take a break!

I go for a walk or even venture on a fun weekend escape, if I dare! Oh, yes, I do! I know if I can clear my head of the issue and give it a buffer of time some new spark of hope will appear, a new inspiration I had not seen before with my tunnel vision glasses on.

By taking that beautiful step back, I am able to see the broader picture. And from this platform, I am able to consider with an open heart: “Is what I am attempting to do in alignment with who I really am and what I really want and need at this time for my purpose to unfold in it’s most perfect way?”

If the answer is yes, I start to consider possible detours around the roadblock or ways to decrease the wait time of the delay (a plan B and even a plan C, of sorts), and then focus my attention to moving along that route instead.

If the answer is no, then I try to envision a pathway that is in better alignment with who I am and what I really want and need for my purpose to unfold, now that everything has become clearer to me. In essence, this is also creating an alternate plan B and C, but just from a different perspective!

The point is, when things are just not going your way, it’s time to pause and remember that old saying, “All roads lead to Rome,” which actually means there are many means to get to the same endpoint. And the ultimate endpoint is our Destiny!

Even if we do not (yet) know who we truly are and what we are destined for, a spiritual pilgrim will have faith that he or she will figure it all out and arrive there regardless. He or she will make every best effort to get there intentionally, even if blind, maimed or otherwise limited in some capacity, because a pilgrim believes in the Ultimate order of things and in their dream. They will not give up on their dream, even if the dream is not yet too clear or well defined in fancy, descriptive words and elaborate, vivid visions, they feel in their heart and gut that that dream is alive. There quest is to discover it through life's many roadways and blockades!

And guess what? They will be successful in the end, because “energy flows where attention goes!" If you make it a point to focus on working toward your finding your happiness, purpose and self-fulfillment, even if you're not completely sure what that actually means but willing to explore and find out through the process of trial and error and use the delays and roadblocks as challenges for re-alignment, you will eventually discover the secret ingredients of your very own unique recipe for that happiness and fulfillment.

There's another interesting thought I once came across about the nature of delays; they are sometimes the Universe’s way of saving us from unforeseen trouble ahead. Like the time you left your car keys in the house and had to go back to the house, unlock the door, find where you misplaced them, and walk back to the car again before starting off on your journey, only to soon after pass by a terrible accident along your path that could have involved YOU had you been “on time”; life’s delays in your plans are sometimes a way of actually clearing your path of potential danger and keeping you on track.

So, the next time you do find that there are roadblocks in your desired pathway, consider this handy, 10-point action plan:

1. Sit tight (and try not to get too frustrated but, if you do, forgive yourself for being human!),

2. Trust there is a reason behind the delay

3. Take a break and clear your mind

4. Check-in and re-align yourself with your highest possible Vision

5. Look for a possible lesson presented in the delay (trust your gut) correct and learn from it

6. Wait for a new spark of inspiration, or look for signs

7. Define the alternate route(s) you can take to get to where you want to be

7. Move forward with your fullest integrity, best intent and positive outlook

8. Trust in your ability to get it right now but be open to Divine timing

9. Follow the signs as you move ahead (repeat process if necessary until smooth sailing)

10. Never give up! (not on yourself, not on your dreams, not on your goals, not on the Universe’s love and support for you)

In the end, the Universe will either deliver smooth sailing or present obstacles in your path to help you learn, grow and re-align toward the outcome or Destiny that is meant for you. So next time there’s a major delay in moving forward with your life's plans, take it as a good sign that you are being redirected in a way that is purposeful for you. A trendy way of saying this is: “Keep Calm, Follow the Signs, and Carry On”.

With love,

Evening Marie

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