Walk the path of wholeness & heart connection with Zhineng Qigong and Feel & Flow Yoga 



Come re-discover your center and find balance; dive-deep into the power of self-healing with Yin and Zhineng Qigong. Experience being pure consciousness, becoming an observer noticing everything; being aware of your thoughts, dreams, behaviors, and desires... Live the power of coherence, of aligning thoughts and feelings, and find the power to choose a new viewpoint.


During this event led by Anita Ilicic you are invited to give yourself time to disconnect from the constant stimulation of the external environment and reunite with silence. Here you will connect with yourself and with the infinite sea of energy and potential that exists around and within. 


Throughout the event, we will explore intensive Zhineng Qigong and "Feel & Flow Yoga" and Meditation practices in this magical island environment to allow a deeper homecoming experience to arise. 

  • The Feel & Flow, Yin-inspired yoga classes give us time to feel and explore the inner environment of our body and mind. One of the greatest benefits of Feel & Flow Yoga is that we are given time to contemplate, breathe and feel the physical, energetic, and mental layers of our being. Mindfulness and healing imagery will increase the harmonizing effect. Each Yoga class will include a 30-minute guided or silent meditation to contemplate what has arisen during the class and set intentions.

  • The Zhineng Qigong sessions aim to relax your heart, mind, and body and increase your self-awareness and the natural energy exchange between you and nature. The (mostly standing) exercises make your spine soft and flexible. By becoming aware of the energizing, opening effects of this practice, you will explore how to work with energy and consciousness. 

The Program 

Sunday Evening (at Suncokret) -Welcome Circle


Mornings: Monday - Thursday (at Suncokret) Friday (at Surprise Location) - 90-minute morning Yin Yoga practice combined with Qigong elements.


Afternoons: Monday & Wednesday (at Suncokret) Tuesday & Thursday (by the sea or in nature): These 90-minute sessions will include different relaxing and releasing Qigong exercises and will be dedicated to learning about the power of the mind, the connection between emotions, the own frequency and blockages/disease & practicing different ways of "Source Healing”, such as:

  • Inner Smile meditation throughout the inner organs with pouring Qi down throughout the whole body for healing.

  • Smooth, flowing Taiji ball movements for relaxing and awakening the whole spine

  • Playing Qi games to experience energy and how it always follows the mind ("where the mind goes energy flows")

  • Zhineng Qigong La Qi meditation for self healing, a meditation with simple repetitive open-close hand movement for opening the mind, each cell, each pore, activating and enhancing the natural energy exchange with nature and source energy.

  • Awareness walking meditation to experience the healing and recharging effect of nature. Summary of ways to manage your Qi and recharge in daily life.

  • 60-minute guided partner Thai yoga massage session for relaxation and release

  • Saturday Morning (at Suncokret) - closing circle


Learn More About Zhineng Qigong + Feel & Flow Yoga


This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic retreat adventure on Hvar Island - the Suncokret way!

Who is this program for?

This program is suitable for beginner-intermediate level Yogis, Qigongis, and practitioners of other holistic methods, or anyone in good health who is open to trying something new! This event will be conducted in English with German and Croatian translations available.


Included in the Source Healing Program Package is a 60-minute Chakra Workshop led by Suncokret's resident Holistic Therapist, Evening Marie. The workshop is aimed at helping you tune up and into each energy center with simple to perform yet profound chakra-balancing techniques.

Please note: In case there are fewer than 4 participants for this event, we reserve the right to adjust the program as needed, and will instead focus on creating a more personalized experience for each individual attending the retreat. Thanks for your flexibility!