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TLC - Holistic Services, a la carte

Because everyone needs a little TLC (tender loving care) from time to time, why not consider enhancing your well-being with our range of holistic therapies and life-empowering workshops, available by appointment, exclusively to our retreat guests.




An excellent treatment for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes profound healing.


€ 40 / 30-min.


A beautifully simple, non-invasive, all-natural healing modality for wellness & health management. 


€40 / 30 min.

1-to-1 Yoga

1-to-1 sessions with our Yoga Therapist are aimed at adjusting your practice to suit your abilities & goals.


€70 / 60-min.

"I came to Suncokret not really knowing what to expect and what I wanted to gain from the experience. Before arriving, Evening was very responsive to my questions via email. She finds out from everyone what they want to work on and what type of practice they usually do so that everyone's concerns are met. I had a great time at the retreat overall, and I definitely learned some skills that I can use going forward back home." - Helen, USA




Reiki Workshop

Discover the healing power of Life Force Energy that exists within and around you and light up your life with Reiki.


€ 200
Everything you want is coming. Relax and

Life Path Workshop

Find your True Self so that you may consciously walk the path that leads to your highest potential.


€ 400 
Life Path_lana_ed.jpg

Lifestyle Makeover

A combo of treatments & workshops taken together with the Life Path workshop tailored to your specific needs.


€ Varies 

"We have entered a time when it is vital that we all awaken to a more profound sense of self-awareness, deepen our understanding of yoga and holistic practices as a pathway for total personality development, and move beyond our perceived limits so that our spirits may soar free and in order to establish deep peace and harmony on a global level." - Evening Marie, Suncokret's Program Director & Holistic Lifestyle Coach

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