Reiki & Chakra Life Mapping

What is a Classic Reiki Treatment?

Relax, release, and re-charge with Reiki!


In a classic Reiki treatment, the Reiki Master will channel Universal Life Force Energy through their hands, eyes, and thoughts into key meridians on the body and subtle layers of your being. The Reiki is highly intelligent and knows where to go in order to help deliver a soothing, balancing effect that supports stress release and a deeper sense of inner peace. This is non-invasive therapy is done fully-dressed and can involve gentle physical placement of the hands onto key points of the body, or it can be done without touch, according to the preference of the recipient. Several variations of a "classic treatment" can include a 30-minute Chakra Balancing treatment, a 60-minute front line of the body treatment, or a 90-minute front and backline of the body treatment, depending on the needs and preferences of the recipient, as established during the 10-minute pre-treatment consultation.

30 euros for 30-minute Chakra Balancing Treatment, 60 euros for Classic Reiki Treatment (front line) or 90 euros for Full Body Reiki Treatment (front & back line of the body)
What is Reiki Chakra Life Mapping?


Gain insight into your overall energetic makeup by identifying and channeling healing energy into blockages in your psychospiritual being that shape the way you think, feel, act, and react with Chakra Life Mapping therapy.


Chakra Life Mapping is an intuitively-guided process that begins with an initial consultation to discuss the issues you would like to address with the therapy. The therapy itself involves an on-going meditative discussion, where Reiki is simultaneously channeled into the energy field in order to tap into vital information stored in each major chakra (or energy center in the body). A variety of intuitive techniques are used to remove old blockages from the energy field.  By infusing them with new energetic information, a great physical, emotional or psychological breakthrough may result from the process. The session is recorded and the results are discussed. Findings will be offered in a written report, along with suggestions on how to maintain balance in the areas that have been cleansed and recharged.


120 euros - Treatment package includes:

  • 10-minute consultation to discuss the issues you would like to explore

  • 30 or 60-minute Classic Treatment or 90-minute Chakra Life Mapping 

  • Post-therapy consultation to discuss the experience

  • Chakra Life Mapping also includes a written report with your unique chakra  meditation practice to unlock the keys that help maintain ongoing balance post-treatment



"I was initially skeptical about Reiki but decided to give it a go. Chakra life mapping was surprisingly revealing, helping me understand the physical locations of some of my known issues/patterns/challenges. It was also interesting to observe the intensity of emotional responses, so that I can now more easily prioritize what is "urgent & important" to address. Time alone afterwards allowed me to reflect on what steps I could take immediately & in the long term to alleviate dis-ease."  

- Maja, Belgium

"Reiki chakra life mapping treatments were an intense experience for me. I went to Suncokret with many big questions in my mind and I was hopeful that Reiki could help me face up to issues from my past and to make decisions about my future. Reiki helped me to understand where my blockages are physically and mentally. I felt some intense moments of energy flow and breath. I also identified with some powerful imagery. Reiki was not something that stopped after the 2 sessions. I have had similar feelings of warmth and energy since returning home and I believe it continues to clear out much of my old ‘baggage’ and help me to think more positively about my everyday life." -Janet, Australia (chakra life mapping treatment with psychic purification & protection, distance healing to past issues)