Life Path Awakening...

"Your soul mission is your reason for being, your life purpose. It's your calling in life - who you feel called to be, what you feel called to do. Mission is an energy that flows through you - a drive, voice, or passion that you cannot ignore... It's what you know in your heart you must live if you are to experience inner peace and harmony." ~ Alan Seale

"You have been a kind, gentle and patient teacher. You have known intuitively what was best for me, and you have taught me how to love and respect myself for what I am. A friend jokingly said to me before I came here that I wouldn't be coming back, but a little bit of that is true; I'm leaving behind the old me, and bringing home the latest version, which still has improvements to be made, but, with your help, I have the vision to make it so." - Anne, UK (Life-Path Awakening)


"I’m happy and still convinced that my life will turn out in the direction I have imagined my life path... Staying with you and the work we did together was one of the biggest and most important experiences in my life. An experience that I will never forget." - Nicoline, Norway (Life-Path Awakening)


"I recovered a part of myself that had been long gone and am ready for a new start with a different perspective. Thank you, Evening, for all the details, for the support, for your dedication." - Osvaldo, Mexico (Life-Path Awakening)


"Thank you for your time and patience, for your ears and wise advice and for helping me to re-discover my true self through the Life Path workshop. I have so many things to be grateful for, so many things to look forward to, so many dreams I can manifest! Thank you! " - Lilan, Australia (Life-Path Awakening)


"You've helped me with some important issues through the Life-Path coaching."- Robert, USA (Life-Path Awakening)

What is Life Path Awakening?


This guided spiritual life coaching process will help you to uncover key aspects of yourself, as you gain useful insight into personal challenges, dead-end patterns and/or misguided self-identity issues that have you feeling stuck and frustrated with life. Once key issues are identified and core Self is discovered, cleansing, renewal and re-direction may take place on all levels. 


Using a variety of techniques including tarot consultation, journaling, visualization, energy healing, painting / vision-boarding and more... the Life Path Awakening process will help you to take inventory of your life, both the positive and negative elements that either support or hinder you from self-fulfillment.


While the positive elements are used to propel you forward, the negative ones must also be dealt with. Together we'll address and work to clear up painful, destructive, negative patterns that are related to memories of the past as well as limiting present life circumstances. Once these issues are recognized and cleansed from your energy field, you will be free to create new and more empowering thoughts and feelings - toward yourself, others and life in general. A new spark of light begins to shine from within you... 


Free from the (real or perceived) burdens that have been holding you back, you are now able to magnify the positives and envision a new personal history, one that will deliver you toward your yet un-realized dreams, which, till now, you might have been unaware of or felt incapable of attaining.


This newly discovered "inner vision" sets the foundation for an exciting and creative "life-designing" process. Working together, we will charter a step-by-step plan between the starting point (you & your life today) and the end point (ideal you & life you dream of having) that IS attainable in the near future... it's all a question of belief and the energy behind those beliefs that takes you there! 


Having transformed yourself into a newly self-empowered, awakening "Spiritual Warrior," you become a magnet for the desired circumstances to appear... Full of self-confidence and trust in life and the goodness of the Universe, you let go and let life lead you forward in a state of humility, gratitude and awe.


Upon completing this workshop, you will leave retreat feeling you have begun to walk on a joyous journey into a more fulfilling life and relationship with yourself and others, which is propelled by compassionate self-acceptance and a deep gratitude toward all the life lessons presented to you along the way; a journey which is ultimately guided by the Universal Love & Light shining from within you. Are you ready to begin?


300 euros - the workshop includes :

  • 60-minute initial holistic consultation & lifestyle evaluation

  • 30-minute Life Path Tarot Reading

  • Daily Journaling exercises (to be done in your free time by the sea or at the retreat)

  • 4 x 90-minute daily coaching check-up 

  • 30-minute intuitive healing session to help unblock the deepest issues holding you back

  • Closing ceremony 

  • 3 complimentary 30-minute follow-up sessions by Skype (or email)