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Online Yoga

​Online Services

Available exclusively to our former guests, we provide online TLC services that inspire, educate and empower you from the comfort of your home!

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1-to-1 Yoga via Zoom

1-to-1 sessions with our Yoga Therapist are aimed at adjusting your practice to suit your abilities & goals.


€50 / 60-min.

Distance Bioenergy

A beautifully simple, non-invasive, all-natural healing modality for wellness & health management. 


€30 / 30 min.

Distance Reiki Treatments

An excellent treatment for relaxation and stress reduction that also promotes profound healing.


€ 30 / 30-min.
"Reiki chakra life mapping treatments helped me to understand where my blockages are physically and mentally. I felt some intense moments of energy flow and breath. I also identified with some powerful imagery. Reiki was not something that stopped after the 2 sessions. I have had similar feelings of warmth and energy since returning home and I believe it continues to clear out much of my old ‘baggage’ and help me to think more positively about my everyday life." -Janet, Australia (chakra life mapping treatment with psychic purification & protection, distance healing to past issues)
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