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Suncokret's Integrated Holistic Yoga Lifestyle Programs

Where every moment is an ascent to your center, and every level brings you closer to your Self and Purpose.

A Multi-Dimensional Experience

Suncokret's unique Integrated Holistic Yoga Lifestyle (IHYL) programs consist of a blending of our location, accommodation, meals, and Dalmatian lifestyle together with daily Yoga Sadhana, "deep-dive" meditation and journaling sessions, conceptualized outings, and dedicated free time.


This unique formula renders a masterfully transformative and deeply inspiring, multi-dimensional experience.

Sign up for "Balance and Bliss," our classic retreat program, which forms the foundation for all of our events, or take part in one of our theme-inspired events, such as "Yogi Explorer."

No matter your program choice, our unique holistic lifestyle programs are designed to restore a sense of well-being with yourself and the world around you.

Buddha statue room detail at Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat

Program Part 1: The Yoga Sadhana 


Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means a daily spiritual practice that connects you to Self, Source, and Purpose.


Our morning Yoga Sadhana includes a beautiful blend of mantra chanting, pranayama, yoga asanas (postures), relaxation, meditation, and holistic self-care practices that help you tune into yourself, the Divine, and the intentions you have for your life in a profound way.


The sadhana builds systematically each day of the week and will take you on a beautiful soul journey that will put you in touch with your chakras, your senses, the elements in your body, as well as your thoughts, feelings, and intuition. Its aim is to balance your body and mind while gently awakening your spirit.


The sessions last 90 - 120 minutes and will prepare you to greet the daily adventures in a state of balance and bliss.

Part 2: The Daily Deep-Dive Session


Our daily "deep-dive" sessions are designed to explore the interrelation between our senses, the elements that make up our constitution, and one of the 7 major chakras.


Through discussion, meditation, journaling, or other exploratory practices, we'll enrich our understanding of the intricate workings of our being. These sessions are customized to meet the levels and needs of our participants and are at the retreat, at the beach, or in hidden nature spots. Topics covered include the chakras, senses, and elements, as follows:

  • Day 1: Quick dive into the Chakras, Senses & Elements - Quiz & Self Assessment

  • Day 2: Grounding & Yoga for Conscious Living

  • Day 3: Creativity, Personal Power & Passion

  • Day 4: Confidence, Place & Purpose

  • Day 5: Love, Truth & Living with Integrity

  • Day 6: Inner Knowingness & Higher Consciousness

  • Day 7: Departure in a state of Balance & Bliss

During theme-based events, such as Yogi Explorer, as well as during events co-hosted by our team of teachersthe deep-dive topics and activities may vary. 


For example, instead of a meditation session by the sea on Tuesday, as in Balance & Bliss, we may instead enjoy an elemental-connecting cycling experience during the Explorer program.


During co-hosted events with guest teachers, the deep-dive experiences will center around our visiting teachers' unique areas of expertise, such as exploring the power of dance, art, and other creative and/or holistic practices that help bring us closer to our true self.

"Thank you for my fabulous retreat week. I enjoyed the program so much - such a superb balance of yoga, meditation, day trips out, and relaxing time. The Food was spectacular and the retreat is so cosy and relaxing, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Hannah, UK 
theme activity
"The best yoga experience I ever had! Your way of doing yoga is beautiful; like a dance and a song." -Sasa, Slovenia
"I appreciate your generosity in sharing your cultures through stories, food and excursions... This is a part of Croatia that can't be described in tour books!" - Marsha, USA

Parts 3 & 4: Daily Outings & Free Time


Off the mat, out of the retreat center, and around the island, we go!


In parts 3 and 4 of the program, we'll sweep you off on conceptualized daily outings, where you will have the chance to explore key parts of the island & the local way of life, and where you will enjoy dedicated free time to relax, reflect & rejuvenate in whatever way you choose; and yes, you can swim in our crystal clear sea every day during your dedicated free time, weather permitting

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival & Dol Village Welcome Tour 

Day 2: Stari Grad & Beach

Day 3: Ager Plain, Soline Beach & Vrboska

Day 4: Hvar (Pakleni Islands) & Hvar Highlands 

Day 5: Surprise Location & Sunset Celebration

Day 6: Jelsa Town & Beach

Day 7: Conclusion & Departure 


"Thank you for going above and beyond to show us such a wonderful time, for showing us beautiful hidden treasures; the magic of the history, culture and cuisine of Hvar."  - Tania & Rob, Canada

Daily Rhythm

The Daily Rhythm

Regardless of the event theme, the daily rhythm generally flows as follows: 

7:30: Self-Catered Coffee / Tea 

8:00: Morning Yoga Sadhana

10:00: Breakfast

11:30: Daily Outing

12:00: Free Time to explore, swim, and enjoy yourself

17:00: Transfer back to the retreat

18:00: Dinner 

20:00: Deep Dive session

21:00: Journaling/Self-Reflection/Your Time

22.00: Mauna (quietude)

The daily rhythm is adjusted according to the event theme, the season, and our participants' wishes.

Easter Bunny Welcomes you to Suncokret Retreat on Hvar

"This is my third retreat with you and each time is different but equally amazing. The group connected so well and I will keep this week in my heart forever." - Fiona, Ireland

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