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Photo Memoir: Appreciating Life's Little Treasures During a Pandemic

It certainly has been a very challenging year for so many of us, and that is exactly why it's more important now than ever to count our blessings, no matter how big or small.

When we look back at our lives, it's exactly those things, especially the precious moments when we are able to connect to ourselves, to others, and to mother nature, that we experience the great blessing of true abundance.

In honor of World Happiness Day, may this photo memoir fill your heart with feelings of joy, wonder, and inspiration, as it does ours.

Rediscovering the South Side, March 2020

Toes in the Sand and Sea, March 2020

Reno Complete, Earth & Fire Cottage, March 2020

Tofu, Quinoa & Wild Asparagus Delight, April 2020

Double the Love, May 2020

Chocolate Cheesecake for a 5th Birthday, May 2020

Sandcastles on a Lonely Beach in June 2020

Incognito in a Jelsa Cafe, June 2020

Feeling Radiant in July 2020

Deep Peace, Soline, July 2020

Exploring Creative Frontiers, August 2020

Cozy Nook at Suncokret, September 2020

A Contrast of Colors, Textures, and Scents, Soline, September 2020

A Wonderful & Wild 50th Birthday Bash in Bol

Double Rainbow over Dol, October 2020

"Fire in the Sky" Dol, November 2021

Ready for our first "Mommy and Me", November 2020

Yogini and the Sea, Soline, November 2020

Christmas Kiss in Stari Grad, December 2020

Stari Grad Peninsula from Purkin Kuk, January 2021

Something to Smile About, Ivan Dolac, February 2021

Mardi Gras Matters, Stari Grad, February 2021

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Sveta Nedelja, February 2021

Spring Blossoms Outside My Doorstep, February 2021

Surprise Snowfall, Humac, February 2021

Signs of Love are Everywhere, Soline, February 14th 2021

Delightful Dubovica, February 2021

Delicious Finds in Dubovica, March 2021

Discovering a Different Angle in Dubovica, March 2021

Hope to See You Soon!


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