Interview with Špela Koderman, co-host of the Radiance event

We caught up with Spela to find out more about Face Yoga, how she discovered it, her pathway to sharing it and its rich array of benefits for men and women alike.

Please tell us a little about yourself; what else do you do besides teach Face Yoga?

I love to dance, travel, spend time in nature (hiking, cross country skiing, skiing, scuba diving) and spend time with friends and family. On top of that, I love to keep learning about healthy ways of living and longevity.

How did you get into face yoga?

At the start of my 30's, when my first wrinkles appeared, I was explicitly looking for a natural way of rejuvenation and that’s when I came across face yoga. I enrolled in a beginner's course and was very positively surprised by the results (both my own and those of course participants) and I decided to step on the path to share face yoga with others.

In 2015, I obtained a license as a Face Yoga Instructor, and, over the course of the past few years, I have been upgrading my knowledge with education and exploration in the field of traditional Chinese medicine, taoism and longevity.

What would you say is the one best thing about face yoga?

That it is beneficial for everyone, regardless their gender or age. It is great for those who would like to delay and/or improve the signs of aging.

Moreover, it is highly recommended for everyone who has just completed a diet or is dieting with the aim of losing weight, as often after weight-loss, the face can look tired, wilted and even ten years older – unless we give it the exercise it needs.

Face yoga is also very beneficial as part of post-natal care, as well as for all who have noticed signs of aging on their face and for all who would like to prevent such signs from showing up in the first place.

The exercises also help relieve problems with the jaw and have even been used successfully (under clinical conditions) for rehabilitation following strokes or accidents.

Face yoga is also recommended for those who have undergone cosmetic surgery as well as those who occasionally or regularly have botox treatments.

What is did you most enjoy about last year's Radiance

experience at Suncokret?

I loved being immersed in the calm environment of the retreat, eating Stipe’s delicious food, doing daily Sadhana with Evening Marie, swimming in the clear waters of Hvar’s beautiful bays, and most of all, being able to give hands-on experience with face yoga practice to every person who joins us!

Why would attending your particular event be beneficial to the participants who join?

Face yoga is a completely natural face lifting method. We tone our face muscles, diminish wrinkles and lines, get rid of the double chin, lift droopy eyelids and cheeks, bring more volume to the face.

By stimulating face muscles we accelerate blood circulation to the face, neck and scalp, enriching every cell with more oxygen and nutrients, increase the production of collagen and elastin, get rid of stagnant lymph and tone our complexion.

Performing face yoga exercises has also a di