The Radiance Retreat 

Program Schedule

Sunday Evening:
Welcome Circle and Program Introduction + Sharing Circle 


Monday - Thursday:

  • Morning - 90-minute Chakra Yoga Sadhana followed by Brunch

  • Mid Day - Daily Outing* & dedicated free time for sightseeing & swimming (or one-to-one appointments with Evening or Spela). On Monday, the group is invited to take part in a natural skin & spa care products workshop at a local artisan shop in Stari Grad, separately priced, a minimum of 4 participants for the workshop to go forward.

  • Afternoon - Face Yoga sessions

  • Evening - Dinner and time for meditation, relaxation and quiet time


  • Morning Sadhana followed by Organic Spa & Self-Care at the retreat

  • Evening -  Sunset Program & evening program in nature

  • Dinner in a local restaurant (priced separately) 


Saturday Morning: Closing Circle  


This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic retreat adventure on Hvar Island - the Suncokret way!

Who is this for?

This retreat is for anyone looking to boost his or her overall health and natural radiance with a holistic toolkit that can be used/practiced at home.  This event will be conducted in English with Slovenian and Croatian translations available.

Please note: In case there are fewer than 4 participants for this event, we reserve the right to adjust the program as needed, and will instead focus on creating a more personalized experience for each individual attending the retreat. Thanks for your flexibility!

Let your inner light shine with this holistic yoga & wellness program for beauty, health & happiness



This holistic yoga & wellness week will help you to gently detoxify, balance and restore your entire being into its natural state of radiance!


Radiance is the quality of happiness, beauty, and good health, while beauty is a radiance of soul that shines through the physical appearance and beyond. In a world plagued by an abundance of constant stresses and pressures, fears and doubts, toxins and pollutants, there are a plethora of reasons why our radiance and beauty may be dimmed. 


This week, we will explore practices that bring us back into a state of balance and help evoke our natural beauty, resilience, and connection. Come join us for this purifying and inspirational retreat week and let your inner light shine brightly again!



The daily 90-minute Chakra Yoga Morning Sadhana Sessions will tune you up and into the body, mind, and breath while focusing awareness on individual chakras, related glands, and organs, and bring awareness to states of consciousness associated with each energy center that governs the way you think, feel and act. Practice will incorporate asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, affirmations, as well as basic reflexology, and aromatherapy. Self-care protocols will be incorporated into our daily rhythm, too. 


In the afternoons, we'll focus specifically on revitalizing our natural beauty with daily Face Yoga classes, led by certified Face Yoga instructor, Spela Koderman. The Face Yoga sessions will not only help tone and rejuvenate the 50 muscles of your face but will also act as a detoxifying tool for the entire body through stimulation of the facial meridians that connect with other parts of the body. The Face Yoga practice will help bring a healthy, vital glow to your entire complexion, too!

Throughout the week, fresh, healthy, pranic-infused, chakra balancing meals will support our radiance-boosting goals, along with daily time out to rest and recharge by the sea, in nature, and at the retreat. You will leave this retreat feeling purified, rejuvenated, well-toned and energized in body, mind, and spirit. Come join us!


At the end of the week, there will be a hands-on, Organic Spa Workshop where you will learn to pamper the God/Goddess in you by using simple kitchen and garden ingredients to create a delightful home spa experience.

Additional Offers
  • 50-minute One-to-One Face Yoga Training Session, including 10-minute lifestyle consultation, assessment of your type of face gravitation + critical face areas, 3 personalized face yoga exercises)
    50 EUR / 375 HRK

  • Personalized Face Yoga Program Package, including 10-minute lifestyle consultation, assessment of your type of face gravitation + critical face areas, 3 x 40-minute face yoga training, face yoga program designed to your needs, written program report & support materials for continued home practice) 150 EUR / 1125 HRK

  • 3-hour Natural Cosmetics Workshop that will teach you the basics of choosing, mixing & matching essential oils with base oils to create homemade face creams, lip balms, body butter, and more.  You'll walk away with a few handmade products to pamper yourself with throughout the event and a workbook that provides you with a summary of all you learned so you'll be able to prepare your own brew of natural cosmetics at home. 60 EUR / 450 HRK (minimum 4 participants)

  • A la Carte Holistic Services by Appointment with Evening Marie  

Want to learn more? Read our blog interview with Spela  here and

check out our recorded live chat with her here.