2016 Events Interview Series - Part 7 - Shakti Healing with Bahareh Hosseini, Canada

This week I got to chatting with Baharej about her upcoming event from 4-10 September entitled Shakti Healing - A Women's Yoga and Ayurveda Wellness Retreat.

Bahareh, can you tell us more about your background?

I’m an Acupuncturist/ Shiatsu Therapist and wellness educator. I help women feel whole again via Yoga, Ayurveda/Chinese Medicine and in general more wholesome practices. A big part of my practice has been dedicated to helping women reconnect with their femininity and to find healing within their own power. I work extensively with women in corporate settings through my Employee Wellness company which provides services onsite at workplaces.

Wow, that sounds amazing! How did you get into it?

I began my career as an engineer working in electricity production ( Nuclear power!) at the age of 25. I started taking yoga classes at my local studio and after a year my teacher encouraged me to take Yoga Teacher’s training. She told me that I would never know where that would take me. That intrigued me and I joined right away and studied with Ruth Vandervoort (http://www.synergymovement.ca/) in her home studio in a small intimate setting learning how to teach; It was just what I needed and the training was authentic and as far away from corporate life as possible.

I started teaching part time right away and also studying Ayurveda while working full time; But still something was missing and 2-3 corporate jobs later I decided that it was time to change my path in life completely.

I always saw life and career as very connected and I wanted to integrate the two more and that was not possible with a corporate career path. So I embarked on full time studies in Shiatsu Therapy and Acupuncture which took another 4-5 years.

What an incredible transformational journey you've been on. Can you describe what your life was like before going down this holistic pathway?

I was detached from my body and spending much more time in my head. I was more restricted and didn’t feel as free to be who I am.

What would you say is the one greatest thing you've learned?

Awareness of my own life/self and compassion towards all others.

What else would you do if you had the opportunity?

Learn to sing!

What was your most embarrassing class teaching / group event experience?

When I taught hundreds of participants in the middle of a major mall in Toronto; for Lululemon! I didn’t do anything wrong per se but felt out of place at that time; I was only u