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Bioenergy therapy can be done in person and at a distance. It is traditionally done in a group setting, although it can also be conducted in privacy. The added benefit of receiving therapy in a group is that participants are able to witness the healing of others while experiencing their own results.

At Suncokret, most therapy is carried out on an individual basis privately, although we occasionally organize therapy to be done in a group, when possible. 



Evening-Marie is a certified Level 2 Bioenergy Therapist. Since 2008, she has successfully helped individuals manage, reduce or eliminate issues connected to the following health & well being disorders (to name a few):


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome - Scoliosis & Back Pain - Irritable Bowel Syndrome - Circulatory Issues - Polycistic Ovaries Syndrome - Panic Attacks & Fear - Menstrual Irregularity - Cancer Recovery - Aches, Pains and Swelling - Lock Jaw - Multiple Sclerosis - Dental Issues & Recovery - Insomnia - Canker Sore - Allergy (food, pollen and wasp sting) - Sprain & Joint Injuries - Sciatica - Hernia - Depression - Arrhythmia - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Emphysema - Diabetes - Headaches & Migraine - Sinus infection - Warts - Fever - Appendicitis Recovery - Uterine Myomas



Overall, I had a feeling of increased energy throughout the therapy. Sometimes my tummy felt a bit sore throughout the day, like something was being done to it.  I also noticed change in my mind regarding one relationship pattern I had for a long time, and that was neatly coming together during those days, it became more and more clear to me and I was able to observe it and stop it while it was happening. - Ive, Croatia (Bioenergy Therapy for Myoma & Abdominal Bloating)


"My jaw is completely recovered from popping out. It is wonderful to be able to yawn fully, and without worry! I do think the energy healing is a big part of why my jaw is better." - Delilah, USA (Bioenergy Therapy for Dislocated Jaw)


"My head no longer has that tight feeling when I lie down or do Yoga, my eyes, though not entirely clear at times, remain cool and have improved greatly with respect to clarity.  The treatment, I believe, also helped to balance me, which I really needed...  It seemed to put me back on track, brought me back to my center." - Beverley, Canada (Bioenergy Therapy for Eyes & Stress)

"I felt very powerful therapy. I felt chunks of fever and heat, like dense gas or bad energy, being pulled out of my head. Streams of bad energy, rivers of it, were flowing out of my eyes. Out of my palms was dust. Then I felt waves, literally, good waves going from my head to my feet, like 10 times. But it was really fast - like a sudden outburst of energy. The therapy was colossal, like an explosion of energy around my body. It was pure power, pure energy." - Jey, Slovenia (Bioenergy Therapy for Reducing High Fever)


Science has come to understand that the human organism is not just a physical structure made of molecules; but is composed of energy fields vibrating, refreshing and exchanging information within and around the body.


Your biofield is an energy picture of your physical body. It is alive with information to regulate all your biological functions.

Any alteration to your biofield can influence the cellular, molecular, atomic and even subatomic aspects of your health.


Stress, physical and emotional trauma, our environment, and even thoughts can create imbalances in your biofield. Actually all internal and external stimuli which have frequencies of their own can influence the biofield and in turn can generate emotional, mental, and physical symptoms. 


The biofield, containing all the information of your immune system, works as the body's defense system - just as a city would not be defended from within but from the outskirts. Any imbalance first appears in your biofield which later can develop as an illness in the physical body. When a lack of bioenergy becomes too great or incoherent your defense system collapses and you become ill at your weakest point. 


You are healthy when the energy potential of your biofield is perfectly ordered and balanced thus vibrating at its optimum frequency. Transmitting the information of health contained in Bioenergy, the Pure Bioenergy Method adjusts and balances the biofield to restore health on all levels- energetic, emotional and physical.



The therapist works with pre-designed "protocols", or treatment recipes, to achieve the best possible result in the shortest amount of time. These protocols have been designed over a 30-year practice, so there is little guess-work on the part of qualified therapists using this method involved in the delivery of this therapy.


One of the method’s fortes is to improve health conditions that are deemed incurable (i.e. Autism, PD, MS, Lyme Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Back Pain) without the debilitating side effects or the burden of extreme medical costs.


The method is also highly effective in disease prevention & recovery: quickening injury recovery, reducing stage fright and improving peak performance, which is useful for athletes, performance artists, students, executives, etc., while boosting general immunity and wellness, on the whole. It is useful for everyone and anyone seeking optimal health and well being, no matter their present state of being.



Therapy begins with daily consultation followed by a 20-minute treatment itself, which is repeated over 4 consecutive days.


The treatment begins with the opening of your aura, after which life force energy will be channeled by placing hands on or just above the specific parts of your body most in need of restoration. As the energy is received, you will be asked to report the different sensations felt, which will guide the therapist to control the channeling of energy in the correct way.


In most cases, the recipient will experience some kind of positive, measurable result during the first session, and by the 4th session of therapy, positive measurable results are expected.


In the case of serious or chronic illness, repeated therapy may be needed to continue with the healing process. Therefore distance therapy sessions, after returning home from retreat, might be in order. Learn more about this amazing healing tool at the official PURE BIOENERGY WEBSITE


"I'd say that the biggest shift happened in my head. I am calmer and less anxious. The chest DOES NOT feel as heavy anymore; it's like i have someone else's chest... I was so used to the pain apparently that I forgot how to live without it.... In general Ifeel that I'm starting a new phase." - Lea, Slovenia (Bioenergy Therapy for Chronic Fatigue & Stress)

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