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Lifestyle Makeover

The ultimate lifestyle makeover program that will help you address and overcome your specific well-being challengings by employing a tailored set of holistic tools to help you get back on track today!

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Sometimes we find ourselves in a place in life where things look okay on the outside, but on the inside, they are anything but. During that dark night of the soul, feelings of fear, loneliness, and uncertainty about how to move forward to a better place within ourselves and in life can be totally overwhelming.


Having a trusted guide who has overcome great adversity, is equipped with a proven holistic lifestyle makeover toolkit, and is dedicated to helping you find your way back to your light is one of the best investments you can make in yourself at this point.

This is when it's high time to endeavor on a Holistic Lifestyle Makeover with Coach Evening Marie.


The Lifestyle Makeover process begins with a free 15-minute consultation that determines the health and well-being issues you would like to address during the makeover process. After the consultation is concluded, a suggested protocol for addressing your issues holistically will be offered, at which point you may decide to either accept, amend, or reject the proposed process.


If you decide to go forward, the next step will be to get you started on any workshop program you might have chosen, like Reiki Workshops or  Life Path Awakening, which will act as the platform for your holistic lifestyle makeover to unfold.


We will then combine your workshop program with tailored one-to-one therapies, such as Reiki Treatments, Bioenergy Therapy, or a Yoga Therapy Program, according to what is most appropriate for your present needs.

The Program Includes
  • 15-minute holistic lifestyle consultation

  • 60-minute Life Path Tarot Reading


  • Sacred closing ceremony ​

  • The additional treatments or workshops, as agreed


The package price varies according to the workshop-treatments protocols that have been decided on for your personalized Holistic Lifestyle Makeover.

"I wanted to share that I have reached a few of my 6-month to 12-month goals the past few weeks & months. It is tremendously satisfying to look back at my little red book from my retreat in Oct and knowing that I have already accomplished some major goals.  A part of me cannot believe that I have already achieved so many! I know I have thanked you before, but I cannot do it enough, and as I go through the next few years and reach more of those goals, I will probably continue to do so.  I have written down goals/dreams before, but I think sharing them with you and doing the work before, really created a wonderful foundation for me to come back to ''reality'' after the retreat and finally reach them. - Liz, South Africa (Lifestyle Makeover)
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