Individual Yoga & Yoga Therapy... 


"I came to Suncokret not really knowing what to expect and what I wanted to gain from the experience. Before arriving, Evening was very responsive to my questions via email. She finds out from everyone what they want to work on and what type of practice they usually do, so that everyone's concerns are met. I decided to go w/ the yoga detox program, and I just wanted to say thanks for all that Evening did for me at the retreat. I can't say the detox process was pleasant, but it worked! I definitely intend on keeping up w/ the practice, so I just need to make sure to follow through!! I had a great time at the retreat overall, and I definitely learned some skills that i can use going forward back home." - Helen, USA, Holistic Yoga Detox Program

"I came to strengthen my body & train my mind to be able to overcome changes & symptoms of disease, and also to be able to get back in touch with my feminine energy & confirm my resolve to live more fully, come what may... The combination of asana, pranayama, meditation with 1 to 1 consultations and the general holistic approach to the empowerment of body, mind & spirit connections was most useful and the Reiki (chakra life mapping & Reiki I attunement & workshop) was an excellent addition. The program was challenging in the beginning but I felt confident in Evening's guidance. Every day it became lighter and more joyful.  - Maja -Personalized Goddess Empowerment Yoga Therapy Program

"Your knowledge in Yoga therapy is wonderful! I feel even more interested in the power of yoga therapy now and want to continue working with these techniques and continue my transformation and healing, knowing and trusting that this program works." - Linda, UK, Personalized Yoga Therapy to Develop Intuition and Self Trust


The Benefits of Working Individually with a Holistic Yoga Therapist

One-to-one sessions with a Yoga Therapist are aimed at helping you develop healthier lifestyle habits while adjusting your personal practice to suit your goals. This one-to-one yoga program can be tailored to suit a variety of needs and is open to both beginners and seasoned yogis alike. 


Evening Marie has worked with an array of individuals with a varying needs to develop holistic yoga programs to support their healing and personal empowerment process. Here is a list of some of the holistic yoga therapy programs she has successfully developed for her clients to date:


Burnout & depression - stress management - detox & weight loss - neck pain - lower back pain - chronic fatigue syndrome - shoulder pain - arthritis - carpal tunnel syndrome - irritable bowel syndrome - breast issues (early stage cancer) - pregnancy - sinus pain - coping with fear (anxiety) - developing intuition (tuning into the inner voice) - self empowerment (boosting specific energetic qualities) - developing a personal practice - epilepsy - thyroid - depression - goddess yoga - chakra yoga


As agreed, the sessions can focus on developing knowledge and skills in one or more practical areas, such as your asana, breathing, mediation, and/or chanting practice, as well help you create healthier daily routines and habits pertaining to diet, sleep, stress and trigger points, relationships, and more... The sessions may also involve discussion to broaden your understanding of yogic history and the various styles of yoga, yogic philosophy, spiritual anatomy, basic Ayurveda and more...


Our one-to-one yoga program will empower you with wisdom, confidence and motivation to continue with a meaningful, ongoing personal practice after returning home.



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