Meet Kristina Pejovski: Content Strategist, Social Media Maven, and Published Advertising Copywriter

Kristina is the latest member of the Suncokret Team who is collaborating on our newly-expanded "Life Empowerment" retreat program called "From a Mess to Your Best in 28 Days."

The program is quite unique to others we run, as it is made up of four individual week-long events that each build on the other to deliver participants through a complete holistic lifestyle makeover that then propels them full throttle into their newly envisioned and refined professional pathway, which then acts as the foundation for the remainder of their hopes and dreams to manifest, within divine timing.

Who is Kristina and how did she come to collaborate with Suncokret? Let's find out more about her in her own words:

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do aside from writing and creating advertisements?

A: Aside from practicing yoga for over fifteen years, I gravitate towards the bountiful outdoors--complete with its lush greenery, serene landscapes (all seasons), quiet, calm and undivided inspiration.

Rock climbing has served as an extension of that love, and has been the basis for most of my travels in the last seven years. The mindful, vertical meditation, coupled by the extensive warm community of climbers aids in my addiction. While jobs, relationships, towns, etc have changed, climbing has served as a beautiful constant.

When not exploring the rugged outdoors-- touching rock, traversing peaks and learning from mama nature, I can be found reading, studying and immersing myself in mind/body wellness.

Everything that ranges from what I ingest to what goes on my body. It’s all consuming and truly an anchor for living in your most positive light. Steeping some indigenous herbs while curling up with Psychology Today or Scientific American is my idea of a relaxing night in.

Q: How did you get into creative expression? Yoga, writing, etc.

A: Ah, where to begin? The fertile mind is a delicate and crazy container, isn’t it? To identify where it began would be an unreachable feat akin to finding a needle in a haystack. What I can say is that I was always a curious little human. There is a story about a day in preschool where I was confronted by my teacher who asked why I broke all my crayons. “Because now I have more,” I replied. And well, that perfectly describes how my brain operates. I like to see things from multiple angles and I like to study why that is. Yoga, writing, dancing, painting, climbing, etc all serve as unique vessels of exploration into the mind, into the delicate psyche that creates our unique thumbprint-- none of us are alike, and that’s the coolest thing ever.

Q: What was your life like before your career path in copywriting?

A: Before diving into the world of copywriting (the poetry of capitalism), I was still a loud, rambunctious, rebellious soul. I attended music shows, consumed classic literature, non fiction and poetry like it’s h20, and endlessly journaled multifaceted topics that to this day need to live in a novel.

I still do the above, but life as an adult becomes a little harsher, a little more straight forward and critical. Creative expression fights with the need for survival and writing to satiate desire gets reduced to multiple copies of the same thing for a quizzical client. All of this is in good fun, and of course a lesson from every angle. </