One Thing Leads to Another in the Labyrinth of Dream-Manifestation

Before I share with my thoughts about our newest retreat event program, "From a Mess to Your Best in 28 Days" I wanted to shed light onto how our newest team member, Kristina Pejovski, entered my life as a volunteer and is coming back to Suncokret as a co-hosting events teacher; a true-to-life, repeating example of how one thing always leads to another in this beautiful and mysterious labyrinth of a dream-manifestation-life I am living.

Co-Host of Part 4 of the From a Mess to Your Best in 28 days program
Kristina Pejovski

Kristina contacted us in March 2020 with a request to volunteer. We were a few weeks into the lockdowns caused by the newly announced global pandemic and for the first time in over a decade, we were facing uncertainty about our future, specifically whether we would be able to host retreat or not.

As the only means of income for our family, this was a very stressful time for us, to say the least.

Having a volunteer with a skill set that varies from mine as the Program Manager and Senior Yoga Teacher and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, Resident Healer, and de facto Office Manager, Website Builder, Social Media publisher, etc. is always welcome.

We have had several volunteers in the past and, the most important one prior to 2020 was the 2017 and 2018 summer collaborations with Andrea Diaz.

Andrea is a Columbian-born marketing expert (and tech wiz) who was interested in exploring the ins and outs of the yoga retreat marketing business in Europe, while enjoying the benefits of staying at a retreat in Croatia during the heavenly summer months.

Andrea Diaz enjoying a Partner Yoga Break

Collaborating with Andrea was an amazing experience. Andrea got us up to speed with many important facets of running a small business, helping us migrate our initial domain to our current website host, importing years of contacts into a mailing list and setting up a newsletter system for us to go forward with, opening an Instagram account and helping us understand how to post in a way that was meaningful for our followers, including the use of hashtags!

She also took lots of photos to help build our media kit. She helped us set up Facebook ads and run them. She also recorded a few instructional videos of me and the team to add to the newly created "Member Zone" on our website that she insisted we have. Content building was key to business success in the Social Media Age, she claimed, and this is the main takeaway I got from Andrea before she decided to relocate back to South America.

We have been missing Andrea ever since her departure and dreaming of ways to bring her back... but that's a story for the future.

Back to winter 2019-20, without Andrea to help, I was doing the full time office work required to set the wheels in motion for the upcoming season and drowning in a string of tasks that just felt impossible to manage on my own.

I kept lamenting to my husband, Stipe, "I need an assistant, I really need an assistant. I need Andrea back!" But how to hire Andrea, or anyone else for that matter, with the pandemic preventing our only income source from flowing?

Evening Marie - Master Dream Manifester

You know, there is this old saying that when a wish is really authentic, when it comes from the heart, has a potentially positive-outcome for all, and you can visualize it coming to life, the Universe co-conspires to manifest this vision it into reality.