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Interview with Nathan and Eduardo - Balancing Life with Joy Retreat Hosts

Dear Nathan and Eduardo, it is such a deep pleasure and honor to be able to welcome you back to Suncokret this September - and this time as retreat hosts rather than guests! How cool is that?!

Can you please tell our readers a little about yourselves?What do you do?

Nathan: I live a multi-faceted life as an urban dweller, global traveler, corporate leader, spiritual seeker, and personal coach. I love the arts and have been a singer and actor as well. While I haven’t performed in a few years, I love to attend symphony concerts, musical theater shows, and cabaret performances. I enjoy hosting people and events and am getting acquainted with my new city of Los Angeles while still traveling a fair amount. I enjoy helping out and participating in various volunteer activities and non-profit boards, too.

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Eduardo: I think of myself as one who is a perpetual opportunist to enjoy life! My passion is connecting with people and traveling the world. As a flight attendant, I have the privilege of visiting many places. I’m also completing a year-long training and certification program in life-coaching. I’ve read many spirituality-based books and practice meditation on a daily basis. I also love movies, dancing, and connecting with people.

Nathan, you've been to Suncokret on retreat twice and, Eduardo, you've been with us once. Can you share with our readers what your favorite thing about coming to Suncokret as retreat guest was?

Eduardo: I loved the experience of being part of a yoga and spiritual retreat in an old-world setting like Hvar. The stone architecture, picturesque villages, and the beauty of the Adriatic Sea in combination with meeting spiritually-minded people from all parts of the world made this a very unique experience.

Nathan: Each time I have visited Suncokret, I have been able to pause in a way that is meaningful for me. The sunshine, the smell of lavender, the al fresco dining, the clear water of the sea, and the wholesome, delicious food are sensory delights. Having a customized yoga practice and spiritual guidance as part of a vacation helped open up new ideas and possibilities for me. I leave feeling refreshed and clear on something I need to do next in my life.

Reflective moments in the middle of active periods in my life strengthen my balance and energy to stay the course, make shifts where necessary, and imagine new possibilities. - Nathan

Now that you are returning as a retreat host, what do you hope your event participants will gain by attending the Balancing Life with Joy retreat at Suncokret?

Eduardo: Inner peace, clarity, and inspiration. I believe the beauty of nature that we experience in the island mixed with yoga, meditation and loving company helps us to connect with our true joy, recharging us completely. This retreat is a perfect set to disconnect from our busy world, connect with who we are, and create new dreams.

Nathan: Tools and ideas for balancing busy lives. I am planning some focused group conversations on balancing contrasts so that we can be successful in our day-to-day lives while achieving new goals. On a basic level, I also hope people enjoy the conversations, connections, food, physical activity and joy in sharing this experience with new friends.

Balance and Joy – How do they work together?

Balance is stopping to smell the roses in between the checklist items. - Nathan

Nathan: Balance is found in movement; it is not fixed in time or space. The art of balancing involves continuous experimentation, adjustment, and alignment. In our human experience, we often find ourselves out of balance and through various practices we align ourselves back into various balancing acts and states. As we lose our rigidity and open ourselves to contrasting elements, we experience balance as a tool for greater self-expression and mastery.

Eduardo: Joy is one of the highest energetic vibrations which allows for optimal states of experience and service. We will explore the enablement of joy as an inner state and as an outward expression.

Balancing Life with Joy is that ability to smile through life’s challenges and love ourselves and others through various forms of expression. As part of this retreat, you will design your own strategy and for infusing balance and joy into your immediate goals and dreams!

We're so much looking forward to providing the space, yoga classes and other support needed for this event to unfold beautifully this September! Thanks so much to you both for taking the time to share a little more about who you are with our readers. We're really looking forward to this magical and meaningful event with you!


Read more about the Balancing Life with Joy event on our Exclusive Events page here and connect with Nathan and Eduardo via their Facebook event page for more details.

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