Let's Co-Create Together!

Exclusive Events for Private Groups


Suncokret is available to host "Exclusive Events" for independent yoga teachers, holistic specialists & private persons. Consult with us to co-design bespoke events for your group of 6 - 9 special souls at our sacred retreat space!


From a holistically-minded, celebratory retreat for you and your friends & family, to a variety of specialized body-mind-spirit events and training courses for teachers who have a well-established client base, Suncokret provides the right experience, facilities, support, and local expertise necessary to enable your event vision to unfold beautifully and effortlessly from start to finish.


If you are looking for a reputable, safe, dedicated retreat center and team to help house and facilitate your event in Croatia, Suncokret is an excellent choice. We have a solid reputation for co-creating fruitful partnerships with yoga teachers and other holistic events group leaders from Europe and the US, and we'd love for you to be one of them, too. 


With nearly two decades of expertise in leading top-quality, transformational holistic yoga retreat experiences for individuals and groups from around the world, let Suncokret share with you the pure magic of a well-organized holistic holiday adventure on stunning Hvar Island in Croatia! 

For more information, please download the Exclusive Events Venue Hire Terms & Conditions PDF, and also either download or scroll down to review our  "Exclusive Events Villa Suncokret Classic Retreat" PDF and "Retreat Plus Extra Activities"  PDF files in the PDF reader below! 

"Exclusive Events - Classic Retreat Program" PDF
"Retreat Plus - Extra Activities" PDF