Exclusive Events: an extension of the "Dream Manifestation" cycle at Suncokret

Evening Marie and Stipe - manifesting the dream

Without a doubt, the absolute most enthralling aspect of the work we do under the umbrella of a running a holistic retreat is its complex and intricate connection to it being a platform for "dream manifestation".

When I came up with the slogan "Manifest your Dreams and Goals" to describe our mission back in 2004, what I was originally referring to was the blessing of our own love story; the fact that the coming together of Stipe and myself enabled us both to blossom in incredible ways that gave us a solid foundation for re-constructing our life together in a way that was mutually inspiring and self-fulfilling, according to our inner vision and "dreams."

Conversely, because a major part of our life vision involved sharing our lifestyle and lifestyle tools with others in this idyllic setting, this also meant that, as we lived out our own dream life, we would also be providing a platform for others to experience a slice of that, too, and perhaps take home some fresh inspiration and ideas to apply to their own life back at home. A beautiful win-win dharmic cycle was perpetuated as a result.

I'm not sure it occurred to me, however, all those years back, that one major extension of the dream-manifesting avenues we could explore would be to provide a space for others to host their own unique lifestyle dream events in, what we have come to term "Exclusive Events".

But this has indeed turned out to be a regular and growing sister operation at our retreat and, because of this, I would like to shed more light on the nature of such events: Specifically, what are Exclusive Events, whom are they designed by and for, and why friends of Suncokret should be interested in them, too.

The term "Exclusive Events" refers to the ability for any path-walker to co-design the retreat of their dreams for their own group of friends and connections by exploiting our expertise, services and space to enable their own holistic retreat vision to unfold.

Bachelorette event at Suncokret

We've hosted many such unique events for a variety of clients over the years and one of our most memorable was an event for a woman from Belgium who asked us to co-design a holistic bachelorette week for herself and her closest clan of girlfriends who had all dispersed to live in various countries and who would reunite for a week of goddess yoga, tarot readings, organic spa treatments and good old holiday fun in paradise.

I led the yoga, tarot and organic spa sessions, Stipe handled the outings and meals and the ladies arranged their own unique bachelorette activities in our space. We were blessed that the same ladies came back two years later to celebrate the birth of the woman's first child! Needless to say, we find it extremely special that we were able to provide a safe, sacred and supportive shelter for these two beautiful events to unfold!

Evening Marie and Nathan in 2008 at Suncokret

But what may be even more special is when a former guest of ours returns in the role of teacher to host an event with us in our space. This is the case with our dear friends, Nathan and Eduardo, who have conceived of a unique Life Coaching event taking place this September called "Balancing Life with Joy".