2016 Events Interview Series - Part 1 - Up Close with Daniela Dippong, leader of the "Dancing i

Daniela Dippong at Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat, Hvar Island, Croatia

What have you been up to since we last met?

I have been intensely working on my path by engaging more and more with Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Pranic Healing. I’ve taught many wonderful Yoga Workshops focused on Meditation, which calm the mind and clean the Chakras, so the participants can benefit more from that than from a typical Yoga class.

I am now planning to move to the countryside and find a therapy room, where I can work with my students really intensely and closely, and integrate Pranic Healing more into my every day life so that I can help others go deep within themselves and hopefully inspire them to awaken to a spiritual pathway.

Have you been to any exciting places or done any exciting things lately that have influenced the way you look at life or teach and share yoga?

Currently I am in India deepening my Yoga Therapy practice with my wonderful teacher Saji. Saji offers so much wisdom about how our mind works, and how many diseases derive from stress and anxiety in our every day life. So, when we quiet our mind with meditation, start breathing properly again while doing Pranayama, we are actually able to heal and to find the inner Guidance within ourselves. It all sounds so simple. We just need somebody to show us that path, and that is what I aim to do with my students as well.

My teaching approach will certainly be altered, after coming back with so many new ideas, meditations and healing methods. And India is always an inspiration in itself, as it shows us humbleness and how to be in the flow of life within a spiritual context.

What are your fondest memories of the retreat week you lead at Suncokret last year?

Yoga for Hear & Soul at Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat, Hvar Island, Croatia

My retreat week was called “Yoga for Heart and Soul”, so it was a healing process we all went through that week and whose aim was to help the participants go deeper and deeper into those aspects of self every day.

The most touching moment was towards the end of the week, when we opened our senses which became more permeable with the wonderful Yoga and Meditation lessons. Then we did a Rebirthing session and the participants were able to experience for the first time in their life the connection to their inner guidance, to everything which lies beyond the physical world. There was a lot of healing ene