Annual Reflection & Getting On Track for 2016

January Inspiration – Annual Reflection & Getting On Track for 2016

Every year, since 2000 I have been taking inventory of my life to see if I’m on track toward living my Inner Vision (i.e. the life I wish to have and the person I wish to be).

By inventory, I mean I re-read my initial “Life Path Journal” - a journal I wrote in 2000 that contains ideas and inspirations as well as the answers to a series of questions I asked myself in a meditative state regarding who I am and the kind of life I wanted to have including relationships, work, the place I lived, etc., inspired by several books I was reading at the time. Or often I will re-read sequels to the original Life Path Journal that I have written since my first draft started in 1999, usually the most recent one, and then I review the previous year’s events (and also the events of my life that seem to still be affecting me for better or worse to the present date) and consider how these things have and continue to shape me and I analyze how I feel about all that.

I also look at recurring thoughts, moods and feelings that are signposts to my inner dialogue, which certainly affect my reality and check-in with myself on this level, too.

I also consider my perceived accomplishments and failures, the state of my health and overall sense of well being, and, of course, my finances as it’s impossible to get ahead without a handle on this aspect of life...

That’s just a brief list of the things I do, but you get the point.

And the point is that I do all this to see if I am on track toward living the life I have envisioned for myself and where adjustment might be in order, and then I create a list of goals, wishes and inspirations worth reaching for in the year ahead (or within a certain timeline that makes sense to me) and perhaps sketch out a mind map or a plan of action that will help me to initiate the things I want into manifestation.

(With things that are very important to me, I might perform rituals from various traditions to help instill a beam of Lifeforce energy or pure love and intention to move things along rapidly. One ritual, as I’m sure you are curious, is a simple manifestation meditation from Kundalini Yoga that uses mudra and mantra to create an pull of attraction between you and that which you desire.)

After doing this for myself, I do a similar, though a little less intensive, task with my husband, taking couple’s inventory of our life together so that we can discuss important themes, from finances, to our sex life, to our individual and combined goals, etc., all things that affect us. This enables us to celebrate our joys and victories together as a couple, and it also helps us reconsider or edit aspects of our life together that we want to manage better or steer in a new direction.

Along with this process, and usually in honor of the New Year (though sometimes I do it for Thanksgiving) I also take my time to think about all the individuals I am grateful to (including our retreat visitors, of course) and all the blessings I am grateful for, including, last but certainly not least, the difficult people who have crossed my path and the challenges that are there to teach me the greatest of life lessons… I always conclude that it’s all good and I’m so lucky to be alive and admittedly this is a spectacular feeling. I beam this energy out to everyone on my list.

But I must also backtrack to the time when I did none of these things, and how lost, angry and alone I felt and how troubled and dark many aspects of my life were, including my personal relationships, finances, my lifestyle habits which influenced my health for the worse of course, and especially - and most importantly - the relationship I had to myself, which was very poor.

Hitting rock bottom really does feel like a near death experience, but that’s exactly where the opportunity for rebirth exists, if only we dare reach out for the branch of life that is inevitably there to catch us before disappearing into the abyss for good.

That’s what happened to me on Year’s Day, 1999, and the events that began to unfold from that point forward all lead me to where I am today; a directed, better balanced, more steady, more clear in mind, body and spirit, wife, mother, sacred and powerful woman, creative soul and owner, director and manager of an established holistic retreat on a beautiful paradise island that I run together with the help and support of my steady and very down-to-earth life partner and best friend.

But I digress. (If you are curious about my story, check out our Life Path Awakening page or future Life Path related blog posts I publish this year, as I plan to be revealin