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Taste of Hvar

Experience a taste of Hvar's rich customs, culture, and culinary heritage during this unique yoga retreat week.
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Experience a taste of Hvar with this delightful, sensory-awakening Yoga, Meditation, and Holistic Lifestyle immersion program that will connect you to yourself through the daily yoga practice while introducing you to the rich culture, customs, and culinary heritage of Hvar Island through a variety of engaging outings and activities.


Each day will begin with a gentle Integrated Holistic Yoga Sadhana that will awaken you profoundly to your sense of smell, taste, sight, touch, and hearing, but also to the inner thoughts and feelings, which help inform and guide you through your life.


The morning practice is followed by a tasty and nourishing breakfast in the garden, after which you will be swept off on a daily adventure to explore the local culture, customs, and culinary delights of Hvar. 


The afternoons are dedicated to practicing “Fijaka” (the art of doing nothing), which you can enjoy experiencing at the beach, in a quaint seaside town, or back at the shelter of our lovely retreat center.


Healthy and delicious Dalma-Veg dinners await you in the garden in the evenings, followed by theme-inspired discussions and meditations or perhaps just some good ole fashioned rest and relaxation time before settling down to sleep.


A gourmet tasting, culinary workshop, ambient restaurant dinner, and stunning sunset adventure will top off the experience. We can't wait to share a slice of our happy, wholesome, and holistic lifestyle in paradise with you!

Approach - The Morning Sadhana Practice


The exploratory Sensory Yoga Sadhana sessions will take you on a journey through your senses and the inner voice, which guides your life. 


Through gentle sequences that combine yoga asana, mantra, pranayama, guided meditations, and supportive journaling assignments, you will connect deeply to your senses and their related psycho-spiritual energy centers, known as chakras.


Our senses inform our life experiences and etch Samskaras (unconscious patterns) into our chakras, which then govern the way we think, feel and act.

By having a deeper relationship with your senses and their related chakras, you can learn to recognize and release conditioned ways of being in favor of consciously chosen thoughts and experiences that bring greater joy and harmony to your life. 

Wine and Cheese
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The daily Sadhana is complemented by engaging outings and activities that will immerse you in the island's rich culture, customs, and culinary heritage in a variety of ways: 

Day 1: Arrival in Dol
  • Satsang on Yoga and the Senses followed by a Guided Meditation to set the foundation for our sensory explorations both on and off the mat

Day 2: Outing to Stari Grad
  • Introduction to the symbolic meaning and cultural significance of Hvar's three signature plants: Lavender, Grapes, and Olives

  • Guided tour of Stari Grad, Croatia's oldest town, where you will visit a local museum and browse artisan shops and galleries, and enjoy a sensory-stimulating visit to a local organic products shop.

  • Free time in Stari Grad town & beaches

Day 3: Outing to Ager, Soline & Vrboska
  • Enjoy a 2-hour Harvesting Experience in Ager (the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain) where we will collect either Lavender, Herbs & Plants (in June), Grapes (in September), or Olives (in October)

  • Free time in beautiful Soline Beach Resort with a pristine forested peninsula framed by pebble coves on the south and flat rocky plateaus with spectacular views on the north

  • Sight-seeing in Vrboska, Hvar's "Little Venice" to discover its cultural and historical treasures

Day 4: Outing to Jelsa (or other production facility locations)
  • Production Facility Tour to witness how local products are made from Hvar's signature plants

  • Product Tasting/Sampling Experience (In June, a sampling of organic beauty products made from lavender & other local plants via an organic spa workshop, in September a wine-tasting experience, and in October, a gourmet olive oil-tasting experience)

  • Free time in Jelsa, a quaint resort town with pebble and sandy-bottomed beaches

Day 5: Yoga in a Surprise Location, Free time in Milna, & Scenic Drive through the Hidden Villages full of ancient fields of Hvar's 3 signature plants
  • Yoga in a Hidden Spot in Nature

  • Free Time for swimming, exploring, and relaxation in Milna, Hvar's "Little Heaven on Earth" 

  • Option to enjoy lunch (at your own expense) in a renowned seafood restaurant

  • Culinary Workshop at Suncokret & Dinner

Day 6: Outing to Hvar & Scenic Drive along the Hvar Highlands & Sunset 
  • A glorious final day in Hvar Town, a "living museum" with stunning architecture, and oodles of impressive historical and cultural sites

  • Sunset Experience with a Guided Meditation

  • Dinner & Celebration in a local "Konoba" (a traditional restaurant) 

Day 7: Departure 

  • Closing Circle with a guided 6-Senses Checkup to recognize and honor the transformational process you have undergone during the event

Sample Schedule

Day 1

16.30: Transfer from the Stari Grad Port, Check-in, Welcome Circle, Dinner, Karma Yoga, Dol Walking Tour


Days 2- 6
8.00: Yoga Sadhana  

9.45: Breakfast & Karma Yoga  

11.00: Outings and Deep-Dive Experiences & Free Time by the sea, in town, or at the retreat center

18.30: Dinner

20.00: Scheduled Satsang & Meditations / Socializing, Relaxing

22.00: Mauna

Day 7

8.00: Closing Circle, Breakfast

10.45: Transfer to Ferry Port at 10.45 

Once Weekly 
  • A packed lunch instead of 1 dinner so that we can enjoy dining out in a local restaurant 

  • A Sunset Adventure 

*Note: This timetable and activities will vary slightly according to whether you are joining us in June, September, or October.
Who is this for?

The program is suitable for yoga enthusiasts looking for an authentic and unique travel experience that brings them closer to the local culture, cuisine, and customs of an exotic destination.

Additional Services

Holistic TLC Services by Appointment


Program Package

Available in mid-June, mid-September, and 2nd half of October, the Taste of Hvar program package includes:

Accommodation & Meals

  • A dedicated retreat space designed to support your holistic experience by providing:

  • Ambient facilities and accommodation that help you rest & reflect 

  • Twice daily fresh and nurturing "Dalma-Veg" meals (6 breakfasts, 5 dinners & 1 packed lunch)

  • Free water, mineral water, tea, and herbal drinks at each meal

  • Seasonal fruits & treats 

  • Free access to tea corners w/organic herbs 

  • A Culinary workshop

  • *Opportunity to dine out in some of the best island restaurants (*priced separately)  

  • Free WiFi

  • Free access to library of books, magazines, music, films, games & art supplies

  • Free use of a beach towel & foam mat

  • Essential toiletries

  • The comforts of staying in a home away from home

Holistic Lifestyle Program 

  • ​We offer a multi-dimensional Holistic Lifestyle program that includes:

  • A free consultation with our holistic lifestyle coach

  • Sacred opening & closing ceremonies

  • Conceptualized daily Yoga Sadhana 

  • Satsang on the connection between Yoga, the 6-Senses and the cultural significance of lavender, grapes and olives on Hvar Island

  • 6-Senses checkup at the start & end of the week

  • Sunset meditation

  • Program Manual with key concepts and journaling assignments to support your journey and help you reflect upon your holistic experience

  • Daily free time to relax & rejuvenate your way

  • Free use of a Yoga Kit (mat, mat bag, block, strap, blanket, cushion & protective foam mat)

  • Wide choice of holistic treatments/workshops that you can add to your package

Transfers & Tours

  • ​Free transfers from & to the Stari Grad Port

  • Conceptualized daily outings to gorgeous towns, beaches, villages, and nature spots including:

  • Welcome tour of Dol (the home of Suncokret Center)

  • Town visits, including: Stari Grad, Vrboska, Hvar & Jelsa, Milna or Zarace

  • Tour of Stari Grad with a visit to a local museum, boutique galleries, shops and product stands 

  • Tour of Ager, the UNESCO-protected Stari Grad Plain 

  • A harvesting experience 

  • Tour of a local production facility 

  • A gourmet tasting / sampling experience

  • Tour through the hidden lavender villages & highlands 

  • Dedicated free time each day to sightsee, swim, and enjoy time relaxation time

  • A magical sunset experience & wholesome celebration

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