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6 Things Yoga Has Taught Me by Tanja Novojevska

I have been practicing yoga since 2016, or, speaking the truth, I thought I was practicing yoga in yoga classes taught at the gym before I did my first yoga teacher training in 2020. Since then my life and view of yoga have changed completely and forever.

Liberating, empowering, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging - these are the words that come to mind although they are not enough to describe the fullness of what yoga has done for me.

Here are the 6 main things I have learned through my yoga practice and studies:

  • What you want wants you: your deep heart desires are there from above. They are there because you are destined to make them true. Life is so conditioned and there are so many voices around calling us in different directions that it is very easy to get lost if you do not stay closely connected to your heart.

  • What is right is always deep in your heart. You might try to take the hard decisions with your rational mind, however, since there is so much unexplainable magic in this world… If you follow and trust your heart, no decision or question will be hard for you to resolve. The happiest and luckiest unexpected outcomes in my life happened when I took the craziest, most unreasonable decisions. Because my heart was calling for it. And it always paid off. Always.

  • You are worthy of what you want just the way you are. It has never been about fixing something or doing something right to get it, it has never been about becoming worthy. You are already worthy of what you want.

  • Surrender is safe, letting go does not mean giving up. Trusting that the right things are happening to you right now. And while you are lying there in your savasana in total peace and silence, the Universe is working, gathering all the components for your dreams to come true.

  • There is a power inside of you that water can't wet, fire can't burn, wind can't blow down, and earth can't crush. All of us have received this power from birth. Yoga teaches us that we have received divine power.

  • You can eat! Without gaining weight. And you should eat what your body asks for at this very moment. It's all in your mind. We are putting so many restrictions on ourselves and creating so many “rules” for ourselves we then start to believe and which is then bound to become true in our life. This is what I created as a belief to myself: “if I eat this, I will gain weight. I am not allowed to eat this because this makes me fat”. During one of the yoga teacher training sessions I did, it came to me that I can liberate myself from the restrictions I put on myself. And to my biggest surprise, without doing anything, I lost 6 kg in the following month :)

This is what my yoga is about. Yes, I teach ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, and Meditation… But most of all I teach empowering, liberating, encouraging, uplifting yoga. Yoga which is not about flexibility and handstands but which teaches you love towards yourself.

Tanja will be back to co-host two signature events at Suncokret in 2023:

If you are keen to experience the magic of a retreat with Tanja in June 2023, you can sign up for one of her 2023 events here.

Want to learn more? Check out our interview with Tanja here. And, you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram.


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