Yoga Unites Us - Interview with visionary artist, Burgandy Viscosi

Dear Burgandy, tell us more about you? Who are you, what do you do for a living, where are you from?

My name is Burgandy Viscosi, I currently live in Seattle WA and am a full time artist (primarily painting).

How would you describe your life and lifestyle?

My life and lifestyle is a creation itself. I’m always changing and exploring to meet, understand and learn from the various experiences and cultures I pursue in the hopes of getting a bigger picture of this great, beautiful world.

If you could change anything about your present lifestyle, what would that be and why?

Actually, after just having left your retreat, that is so efficient with its own grown natural products, and while there meeting a fellow woman retreater who does everything in her power to live a lifestyle that is close to zero waste... I feel inspired to truly be more conscious of my day to day use of disposable items. I feel the strong desire to minimize my consumption.

Can you share with us more about your yoga journey / background… What got you started, with who, and how has that experience been progressing for you?

I would say my yoga journey started with meditation. In my late twenties I would have intense panic attacks and meditation had been suggested to me. It literally changed my life almost overnight and almost completely illuminated my anxiety. Shortly after I paired up with an amazing Yogi to help illustrate her children’s stories. She inspired me to find my own physical stretching flow within myself and that truly deepened my meditation practice. At this point in my life I feel that taking time to be still and be present is truly the most important part of my day.

If you met someone who had never tried yoga before, how would you describe it to them? In other words, what is yoga to you?

If I were to talk to someone about yoga I would say that the journey will be absolutely unique to everyone. Teachers and gurus can only point in the direction but the specific path is yours and yours alone. Although being around other people who are walking their own path to the body, mind, spirit connection does seem to help nurture the process.

What was the reason you wanted to go on a retreat?

Retreats are great training grounds for learning to stay in a conscious mindset... conscious of our body, of our words, of our interactions and intentions. I feel that someday humanity can, on a global level, start living and interacting in this way. This I believe will truly birth the compassion and peace that humanity has the potential to be felt at a global level.

Have you been on a retreat before; if so where and what was it like for you?

I've been on a few retreats, mostly in Mexico while exploring and learning about the Mayan and Aztec cultures. I have found that most native cultures from around the globe incorporate the idea of ritualistic 'retreat' time and space into their daily way of life. Self reflection on the energies that work through and around us are the most intimate part of our being, and being in this world.