Sat Dharma - find the way to your real potential through rebirthing

Sat Dharma: Why am I here?

On my last Reincarnation Therapy week there was one session I remember really vividly to this day. I was standing as a young woman on a lawn on a huge piece of land with hills, trees and a cloudy sky during sunset time. I was standing there in a thin white dress, arms open and asking the Divine: "Why am I here?"

Not far away, there were some houses with lights on and I could see the people in the houses living their everyday lives; living polarity, living in a state of forgetting their true divine nature. They had forgotten where they came from and they stopped asking this question.

As there was no answer to my own question, I suddenly found myself some years earlier as a little child in one of those houses, lying on the bed crying and asking my mother the same question: "Where do I come from and why am I here?" And she had no answer either.

She was dressed completely in black, hiding her divinity and beautiful energy under a black cloak, already totally present in the duality of life and in forgetting her origin. On the other side of the bed was my guardian angel in a radiant green light smiling at me. He took my hand and we went on a journey.

​​​​Where do I come from and why am I here? 

The next moment I was just energy and experienced my life before incarnating on mother earth. I saw all the other souls in their radiant colors, I saw our spiritual guides helping us through the process of getting ready to incarnate again and learn our next lessons. I saw how I had chosen this life and, what was really interesting, I saw a big colorful circle, a radix, like in a horoscope... In this circle there were some parts highlighted in color while other parts were not surrounded by white energy. And I started to understand that this was my life and the areas in color were the issues I wanted to concentrate on and learn in my next incarnation. And one part especially, in the right lower corner, there was something obvious; it was red and really easy to see. It was
 my “lunar node”, my potential to discover and to develop myself in my next life.

In Astrology, the lunar node is the part of the horoscope where you can see what your soul wants and where your path leads to. So there I had the answer: that was why I am here. That is why I am on mother earth. I chose this specific lesson to be solved in this lifetime.

Dharma or Sat Dharma

In Vedic tradition, we also call this potential our Dharma or Sat Dharma. Though dharma cannot be directly translated in western language and is a concept that varies, depending on religious affiliation, we mostly use it in close reference to the Buddhist and Hindu definitions. In Sanskrit, dharma refers to your true purpose, or to living a life that is in harmony with cosmic order or universal truth.

So when we speak about you living your dharma, we are referring to you living your truth, living your highest potential, and living in a way that is supported by the Divine in a manner that is in accordance to your soul’s desire. Sat means “eternal” or “true” so we can translate our Sat Dharma as our soul’s own eternal universal truth.

So the answer is obvious but also hard to find, because, as children, we fall into forgetting our true nature; we are aware of it but are made to function in this dualistic world. We are told that what we know is not true but false and because we want to belong, we start to shut down our connection to the divine. And this is also meant to be so we can rediscover, reconnect, and, through this process, become reborn by rediscovering that we are divine beings in a human shell.