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6 Tips to Find the Best Airfare Deals - updated February 2023

After some years of constant travel I have come to understand that when you’re planning your next holiday, flights fares often play a major role in deciding where to travel. If you don’t know how to book cheap flights, reaching some off-the-beaten-track places like Croatia can be very expensive and you might decide not to go to your desired destination or, at the very least, you might "postpone the trip for another time" perhaps never getting there just because your budget doesn't ever seem to stretch that far. But with a little effort using these quick tips, we hope to help you pack your bags and reach us at your dream destination here on Hvar Island at affordable prices.

1. Search Engines

Before going to the major airline websites try searching flights on,,, or; you can also download their apps on your smartphone and search from there. These are both great search engines that can help you to get an idea of the initial cost to reach your destination. You can then also check monthly prices, and also try different airlines for the specific route you wish to take. By doing this basic info comparison, you can then decide to book directly with your airline of choice.

You can also use such websites to get Flight Deal Alerts. Check out these tips on how to set up your own flight alerts.

2. Flexibility in dates

The difference of one day can mean hundreds of euros in savings, so be flexible with your days and, if possible, plan to arrive a little bit earlier or depart a couple of days later; sometimes you can find huge price differences if you don’t set a specific date during your search.

3. Early birds

If you are really keen on saving money, you can find early-morning or late-night flights; they are cheaper because fewer people want to travel then.

4. Not your last destination

Be flexible also with destinations, for example, If you are coming to Croatia, your main airport option will be Split, but don’t forget to check out Dubrovnik, Zadar, and Zagreb airports too as they just might have better connections with your nearest airport home and better prices.

5. Try budget airlines

If you are within Europe, you might want to check one of these options:

TUI, Ryanair, EasyJet, Finnair, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, Vueling, and Eurowings.

Or if you are coming from elsewhere, you could plan a brief stay in one of the major European towns prior to catching an intra-Europe flight that connects to any of the above-mentioned destinations in Croatia.

6. Search ticket prices as one person

Always airlines will show you the highest ticket price when doing a search for a group of tickets because they will find seats together and show the fare based on the highest ticket price. Instead, after finding the best price, you can pick your seats during the checkout process so you and your travel companion are sitting together.

6. Best time to book

The best booking window is 6 to 8 weeks before your flight, or around three months before if you are going to your destination during peak season. In Croatia, peak season is generally considered mid-June to mid-September.

I hope these tips help you find better flight deals, especially If you are flying to Croatia.

This European paradise has a renewed its offer to become one of the hotspots for travelers all over the world, with thousands of kilometers of stunning coastline, impressive architecture, and of course one of the best places on earth to heal, rest and renew - Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat on Hvar Island.

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