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Keep Your Cool; Ayurvedic Everyday Tips for Summer Vibrance

Keep your cool at Suncokret, Hvar Island this summer!

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! It's the longest day of the year and things are heating up here on Hvar Island. In honor of this special day, which coincides with our 14th anniversary, we've invited Bahareh Hosseini - Suncokret's go-to Ayurveda specialist and co-host of numerous Ayurveda Yoga and Wellbeing events taking place this July and September - to share her best tips on how to keep cool, fresh and vibrant during the hot and busy summer months.

Here's what Bahareh had to say:

"According to Ayurvedic seasonal view and in accordance with natural cycles of Mother Nature, Summer is the time that corresponds with the elements of Fire and Water; This is referred to as the “Pitta” dosha and making summer the Pitta season; Refined Pitta helps us “radiate” from inside out and disturbed Pitta associated with excess heat can cause imbalances such as Headaches or an aggravated mind ~

Summer tips to a balanced Pitta :


The sun being strong in the summer causes excess heat internally and causing some digestive impairment as the body is busy in cooling us down ~ Keep diet light and incorporate salads and bitters such as greens ( Arugula and Salads, etc) in your diet; Cooling vegetables and teas such as cucumbers and mint tea, as well as adding rosewater to your salads/fruits are also beneficial; Coriander and fennel are appropriate spices;

Avoid heating foods such as coffee, tomatoes, eggplants, and so on, as the acidity in them increases Pitta and in the summer we want to keep that to a minimum~


Exercise should be light as to not aggravate the hot and fiery nature of Pitta ~ Hot yoga or running are not advised ~ Swimming, gentle yoga and Qi Gong are best for this season; Chandra Namaskar (Lunar series of Asanas) are appropriate ~ Refrain from heating Pranayamas during the summer.

Other Daily routines and Lifestyle:

  • Time outside should be limited to before 10 am and after 4-5 PM, as the hours in between are the hottest and can aggravate Pitta

  • Gentle movement upon waking and before it gets hot outside

  • Wear light clothing in light colours made from natural fibres such as cotton and bamboo

  • Essential oils such as Lavender ~ Abundant locally in Croatia to help keep the heat down"

Looking for even more ways to keep your cool this summer? Why not join us for an Ayurveda Yoga immersion, Feminine Empowerment or Gentle Holistic Detox event led by Bahareh this July & September?!

Can't make it this July? Then consider joining us for 3 more calming, Pitta-taming events this August led by Anita - our Yin Yoga and Zhening Qigong expert or Charlotte - our Hatha Yoga Flow Goddess, Single Mom & Inspirational Life Coach.

Our Festival of Holistic Yoga Events integrate plenty of time for swimming, sea, sun, self-care, delicious cooling organic foods, love, laughter and inspirational learning and sharing.

Hope to see you soon!

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