Relax & Resparkle, the true story of a woman’s journey into yoga & personal development, by

Suncokret's 2017 Visiting Teacher Blog Series, Part 4

Charlotte Hunt, a Relax & Resparkle Journey of Experience

​​It is fair to say that I struggled to find my place in the world!

I was 25. Everything was wrong. Personal relationships, where I lived, worked, my health. Everything. I was stuck in a tangled knot of miserable traps I had somehow unwittingly set for myself.

I worked in a highly stressed office. And was sick. I found myself with serious digestive problems, piling on weight, horrid skin allergies. Smoking and drinking too much, I had two root canals from all the grinding. A nerve in my neck liked to go into spasm too. I hated my workplace and apparently it hated me!

A lady I worked with talked me into joining her on a Tarot Reading course. I went along for a laugh, and found a group of wonderfully warm and welcoming women who wouldn’t have dreamt of laughing at me. Every class began with a seated meditation, which sent a nerve in my neck into spasm!With my pride, ego, and neck in pain it was clear something big had shifted and I was ready to explore. The tarot course taught me to seek to understand what I see with my intuition an open mind. To be ready to receive guidance from within.

It was a short hop-skip-and-jump to Kundalini Yoga, and then on to coaching; and the missing piece of the jigsaw clicked..

I went to every yoga class and workshop, website and magazine I could. I read a heap of self help, personal development books and began working with coaches.

So what really changed? I fell gleefully down the rabbit hole of self discovery, self love, compassion and acceptance. I discovered how meditation can change how I feel and understand everything going on in my life.

I realised that as a free-spirited, and sometimes lone wolf, I could make these practices my own.

There was no one telling me what I had to do to be right (I didn’t go back to those teachers!)

I learnt that my happiness is key to everything that happens in my life. It isn't selfish to put my needs first and doing this actually helps me help and serve others better than if I am putting everyone else first and my life is a mess. That is just inefficient!

By putting my happiness first I could begin to untangle the knots in my life. Bit by bit. Making small changes, allowed me to create bigger and more fulfilling shifts in my life. I can focus my energy and achieve what I want!

I couldn’t see that in the beginning. I needed the help of the yoga and coaching to really understand and take control of my mess. Now I love that mess for all it has given me.

Having a coach myself helped me to make some monumental life changes. In a few years I had a completely different lifestyle, was healthy and happy. I had created The Happy Hunt yoga and coaching offering and had finally I had found direction and purpose in my life!

As my confidence in this work grew, so my life evolved. My body, life, and mental wellness began to heal.

Charlotte Hunt, Yoga Instructor and Personal Life Coach