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Sourcehealing  - a reflection on healing and how my practices help me to walk the path of wholeness

Suncokret's 2017 Visiting Teacher Blog Series, Part 3

​I’d like to reflect on healing today and share some realizations and experiences about the role of connecting with the heart and developing self-love, which have empowered my own personal life journey a lot.

Life itself and some teachers who have crossed my path have inspired me to expand my viewpoint on healing and what it actually means.

Today I understand that healing has a lot to do with realization. Many people are in state of searching for healing, sometimes for many years, as if in a loop, and they never arrive at the end goal. Searching can keep one in a stuck state of exhausting paddling, trying different methods to “get” healed.

My personal experience has shown me that the more I am able to let go of the idea that I need to be healed and instead just start to love myself as I am, I experience more well-being on all levels and a return to a deep sense of being whole, in spite of any symptoms I may have on the physical, mental or emotional level.

Anita Ilicic on Hvar

​​There was a time in my life where I thought I needed to fix something, I needed to heal, or needed to change. I was practicing hard to do this, sometimes a few hours a day, but underneath I had this deep feeling that an important element was missing or I just hadn’t understood something key yet.

I felt a lot of energy, felt vital and healthy on the body level, while at the same time I experienced physical symptoms of imbalance and my emotional level didn´t change.

Then slowly a realization started to unfold; as I started to connect with myself on a deeper level, started listening inward and accepting myself more, started following joy and inspiration and not what I thought I should do, things started to shift naturally.

I understood that the healing I was searching for was about shifting my perception to a state of understanding

that I am whole already, as I am, in any given moment, with all my scars, all the present circumstances or symptoms, with everything.

Nothing had to change around me first in order to allow a connection to the stream of well-being and health that exists. I am connected already to the infinite source and I am in the right place, everything is right as it is, I am right as I am. That was a big “wow”.

When I experienced that shift, I started to be more happy without reason, to do what I love, to worry less, to connect more with others more, give more, share more, and to consciously turn feelings of fear into excitement - that’s a great exercise I can highly recommend - and to just follow my instinctive impulses, which arise from deep within.

One of these clear impulses last year brought me to the place I now live; I just trusted and followed those messages and now enjoy a happy flow feeling.

Anita Ilicic doing Zhineng Qigong

​​It´s not always easy to shift into this kind of state but I have come to realize it is exactly this that brings the changes I am looking for. Oftentimes, we make things too complicated; we worry too much, think too much, care too much about how other may see us.

Walking the path with Zhineng Qigong, Meditation and Yin Yoga practices motivates and helps me to shift consciously my perception and attitude, my attention and intention from separation and “lack beliefs” to unity, love, gratitude, and wholeness, into the light, into a state of being happy without reason, of embracing everything that is, of experiencing that I am source.

Ever since choosing to follow this pathway, I have gained greater love for life itself, and I feel loved by life and the Universe like never before. To experience this love is wholeness for me. The mind only sees a part of something, while the heart and soul see the whole picture.

​​​​Walking this way does not always feel easy; I also find that some patterns, especially some old family patterns, come from old deep wounds, which start to bleed and hurt again and again. But they are all part of my reference system, which help me to experience that all happiness arises from this progress – the walking of all these different pathways, through valleys and mountains, through growing and dying, again and again, through letting go and releasing the known and diving into the unknown field of possibilities. Life is a big open and closed, contracting and expanding force. ​​

​​I love walking this path and practice staying in this open, trusting state and letting go of fears. Fear is the root of most obstacles.

This year I offer two August events at Suncokret. The first one I call "Recharge & Shine,” which will enrich your practice through opening new doors of self-and-body-awareness. A lot of Zhineng Qigong movements that we will practice activate the spine, they feel round and wavy, we move our body as if moving through water. Yin Yoga allows you to become still and just listen inward. Both practices open the mind and the body structure from the inside, and both help increase the overall energy flow and exchange from you and nature, so, in essence, the event will help recharge and enhance your natural inner shine.

Feeling great on the last day of retreat with Anita at Suncokret, 2016

​​Those who would like to dive deeper into self healing are welcome to join my second week, which is entitled "Sourcehealing.” I used the word “source” because in fact it is about remembering and allowing ourselves to be source and experience this connection. Sourcehealing is the process of allowing one self to become aware of the inner silence, the inner spaciousness, and the connection with the infinite sea of energy, information and potential that exists around and within. Healing is in fact the act of “coming home” to oneself.

The morning practices and exercises in this week are partially like those in the first, thought now we allow ourselves to dive more into them. The evenings will be used to explore healing meditations and experience energy work. Taking time for allowing a relaxed, open state to unfold, and observing this space with a happy mind state. Practicing in an open, curious way, like children and practicing in or surrounded by nature can enhance this feeling of connection to nature, to one another, to oneself, and to the whole Universe and the one infinite source beyond creation and consciousness.

Life is so exciting, like a huge playground!

Check out Anita's upcoming August events:

13-19 August, 2017

20 - 26 August, 2017

Learn more about Anita's journey in our 2016 blog interview and also on her website:

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