Spiraling Full Circle – How travel inspires my creativity, connection to nature and divine living yo

Suncokret's 2017 Visiting Teacher Blog Series, Part 1

Spiralling Full Circle with Daniela Dippong

I am sitting on my bed overlooking the huge trees surrounding the Hindu temple in the wonderful Chinmaya Ashram in India (Kerala) just some days before my Advanced Yoga Teacher Training starts. Sometimes I wonder why I always come back here, every year I feel the need, the urge to come back “home”.

Spiritually Charged Temple

​​Home to India, where the air is full of Prana, the people still believe in something, where the spirituality is tangible and the atmosphere is charged with an intense amount of energy. You can feel it, the energy, and it has an instant effect on my whole being. I start breathing slower, walking slower, perceiving everything around me; I feel all the elements surrounding me, I feel myself again. I am home.

Divine Yoga with Daniela Dippoing

The same happens when I arrive in Croatia to teach my wonderful Yoga Retreat weeks at Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat. Then I feel so blessed to teach Yoga at amazing, stunning and special places, to introduce new ideas and topics to the retreat participants. At Suncokret, I find there is plenty of time to get connected to nature and to all the wonderful people I meet on retreat.

Where was I for the last few months? Was I just working and functioning on autopilot? And why do I feel the need to travel and combine my Yoga training and teaching with it? So many questions cross through my mind...

Every year I need to work hard to make time for some time-out - these one or two months away from home. I need to find a substitute for all my adult and children’s Yoga classes; a lot of organizational effort is involved. Many of my Graphic Design clients panic about my being away for such a long time, although I tell them all in advance that I go to India every year in February or March…

And every year I rent out my apartment during my time abroad, which also involves a lot of time and effort. Funny enough, for the last two years, I’ve always rented it out to Indian couples. It its like somehow I am helping them to get settled and find a home in Germany, and they are helping me to get back to my core and come back home and to myself in India in order to refresh my knowledge and get new impulses for teaching.

Bare essentials of a yogini

Renting house is like moving house every year: you empty your cupboards, you look at everything twice. Do I still need that?
 Is that still necessary for me? And then you find yourself with loads and loads of boxes marked “fleemarket,” “donations,” “friends,” and so on.

Like this, I empty my life, bit by bit, from the things I do not need any longer. A wise person once said, “a hiker only needs what he can carry.” And that is what I feel like. Emptying my apartment and myself from loads and loads of old deposits.

Is that the reason why I travel so much? Why am I taking my Yoga courses mainly in India? And how is travelling influencing my Yoga practice and teaching? Am I getting prepared for something? Maybe, subconsciously, it is just that.