2016 Events Interview Series - Part 4 - Surfing the Waves of Life with Anita Ilicic​​​

This season we are excited to welcome yet another new addition to our gifted and diverse teaching team at Suncokret, Anita Ilicic, a yogini-turned-Zhening-Qigong-teacher.

Tell us a little about yourself; what else do you do besides teach Qigong / Yoga ?

​​Besides the weekly classes I teach, I work in a small Cafe where I take care of the breakfast service part. I love fresh, organic food and love to experiment with green smoothies and jammy fruit mueslis. For me, a colorful, healthy breakfast spreads a sunny mood into each cell of my body and mind - perfect to start the day - so I enjoy this work where I can use my creativity for preparing decorative, tasty, and healthy food for others.

Hum... I'm getting excited about your influence on our breakfast menu already, Anita!

Another important element for me is nature; even right now I live in a smaller city in Germany and I take advantage of every green or nature spot, to dive-in with bare feet and feel mother earth melting with my soles.

Going for hikes or walks in the woods, driving around on a bicycle, just sitting beside a tree listening to the vivid sounds of nature, or enjoying all the color and form facets of the sky, always helps me feel deeply connected and alive.

I love playing the never boring game of just lying on my back gazing into the deep vast blue sky...

Also, for many years now, every winter for 6 weeks I work at a Christmas market. This job is fast, very active, vivid, stressful, challenging, but also fun and just an interesting contrast for me. I use these few weeks every year to practice staying centered and aware while working and while everyone and everything around me is rushing and focused outwards. During my Qigong study time in China we went often to public places for practice. I experienced that practicing in a loud, public place trains your mind to focus and be stable; it can relay enhance and deepen the practice tremendously. I enjoy living, experiencing and embracing all different facets of myself.

Wow, what contrasting things you get up to, indeed! Tell us, Anita, was your life very different before you took up Yoga and Qigong?

Actually my life itself was not much different before. I always felt drawn to exploring, was interested in trying out different jobs, traveling a lot, spending a lot of time outside in nature...

My life always felt as if it was continuously changing up and down like waves of an ocean, sometimes smoothly rolling, sometimes turbulently moving...

What really changed over the past few years is my viewpoint or core feeling about life and how I react to it. Life is dynamic and forever changing, it´s just a universal law, it´s meant to be like this, nothing is static, constant. I was aware of this concept before but in real life often my mood would change easily, was very dependent on outside circumstances.

Now I think it´s all about learning to surf the waves. I am grateful for life itself, in every shape it presents itself to me, I experience that my inside is reflecting and influencing my outside. All this has brought more inner harmony into my life.

​What would you say is the one best thing about Zhineng Qigong ?