2015 Events Interview Series Part 4 - "Capturing Special Moments Photography Workshop" wit

Maja Bednas

From 26 July - 1st August 2015, we bring you a special 3-part co-hosted event where Russelle Beardon (last week's featured event host), Maja Bednas (this week's featured event host) and myself, Evening Marie, team up to take you on a spiritual journey entitled "Transcending Time & Space with Yoga, Photography & Meditation".

Tell us a little about yourself; what else do you do besides photographing?

Photography became my passion few year ago. I'm still learning and exploring possibilities photography brings and it gives me a lot of pleasure.

My professional background is much more »down-to-earth«, I would say, as I completed the university and master's degree in macroeconomics and have been working in this field for over 20 years.

Besides photography, I also devote a lot of time to yoga, not only asanas, but also to reading books and applying all eight limbs of yoga into my daily life. I also love to travel and meet new people, which broadens my horizon and gives me new opportunities for photography with capturing precious and beautiful moments and scenes.

How did you get into yoga?

I joined my first yoga class almost eight years ago. At first, I took it as an excercise and a way to relief stress after work. But soon, I realized it was giving me much more, a consciousness about my body, peace of mind, more balance in my life. Through yoga classes I've learned to explore possibilities of my body and to clear my mind with pranajama.

What would you say is the one best thing about yoga?

The best thing yoga offers me is the possibility to come closer to my inner self, to let go of every day stress and focus on the things that are truly important for me.

And how about photography?

Photography sharpens our senses to the surroundings, it actually opens up a new world, changes our peception, and makes us more sensitive to colours, light and shadows, interconnections between things, and the emotions that all kinds of patterns, beautiful landscapes, and people's face provoke in us.

Travel Photography with Maja Bednas

What has been your best photography experience to date?

Travel photography is the most rewarding when you open your eyes and senses to everything around you.

My best experience was photographing the every day life in the Dharavi slum in Mumbai. Although

it was crowded and noisy, the people, the colours, the light – everything was amazing. It offered countless opportunities to capture the moments in life of those proud people, who work hard and go through their everday life with kindness and dignity. I really loved the gentle energy of people in India.

What was your favorite thing about coming to Suncokret as retreat guest?