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Visiting Suncokret during the Covid-19 Pandemic

We are committed to keeping you safe during the Covid-19 pandemic and to providing you with all the latest information to help you make your way to us as hassle-free as possible.

Safety Measures:

  • Gatherings held outdoors or indoors with appropriate protocols applied

  • Our facility is well ventilated, cleaned & disinfected

  • Hand sanitizer is available 

  • Meals are served outdoors when possible or indoors with social distancing in mind

  • Physical distancing and use of masks are used when necessary, according to local guidelines

  • Small groups of up to 9 persons only during the pandemic

  • The avoidance of densely populated areas during the daily outings to avoid the risk of unnecessary exposure

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"This was the trip of a lifetime for my mom and me. Everything about the retreat was well thought out, and a relaxing, nourishing experience. Thank you for the organization and care you put into every detail."
- Emily & Luanne, USA
"I leave Suncokret, knowing that I completed what I came here to do and that is having uninterrupted time to explore the soul. The intimacy here, the grace, the creativity, and the attention you give us as guests is a special gift that can only be received in the setting you provide. I know I will carry the beauty of the energy work and the beauty of your hospitality back into my everyday life. From this place, I will love more deeply. "
-Nathan, USA