Sat Dharma

A chakra yoga life mapping journey to discover your true self & higher purpose


Did you know that there are powerful energy centers, known as Chakras, connected to your body that are responsible for the way you think, feel and act, and that old memories, feelings, and impressions can get stuck in these centers, therefore, holding you back from viewing life clearly and living life at your highest frequency?

Having a deep and harmonious relationship with yourself as well as the world around you is a natural progression to having a profound relationship with your chakras; this is the key to opening up the pathway to your passions, higher life vision, and purpose.

This chakra yoga life mapping journey is led by Suncokret retreat co-founder, Evening Marie. The process will help you better understand and balance your chakras so that you can cross the bridge to the next level of self-awareness, compassion, acceptance, and forgiveness in order to walk your path with greater ease, purpose, and joy.


Each morning, the chakra yoga sadhana will deliver a balancing blend of asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation, chanting, mudra, and more, in order to bring greater balance and harmony to these key psycho-spiritual energy centers in your being.

Each day there will be a post-practice Life Mapping journaling workshop whereby we will explore questions taken from the Life Path Awakening Workshop and Reiki Chakra Life Mapping processes, and we will relate the themes and issues that are explored during this process to our 7 major chakras in order to gain a deeper understanding of the interconnection between them and the way these powerful centers influence different aspects of the way we live our life.

There will be short lectures to discuss the qualities and traits that are associated with each chakra center, and we will discuss how imbalances in these areas may influence our thoughts, patterns, and physical self. Techniques and tools to address and remove blockages in the chakras will be shared.



Journaling will be an integral part of our daily sessions so please do bring a dedicated notebook and pen along to the retreat. Journaling helps with the self-discovery process in that all your thoughts and feelings are noted down and act as a reminder or a "map" to your inner world. By analyzing your notes, you will be able to discover patterns, mistaken beliefs, surprising feelings and other "precious jewels" that are there to teach you important lessons in order for your growth and unfolding purpose.

Who is this for?

This program is intended for those who are walking a yogic, spiritual, or holistic-oriented pathway and are looking for empowering tools to deepen their connection to Self and Purpose. Come prepared to dig deep and dedicate yourself to the process, even when the going gets tough. Evening Marie will support you as you learn to spread your wings to fly.

Program Schedule
Day 1
  • Opening circle & program intro, grounding yoga & chakra checkup with journaling & discussion.

Day 2 - 6
  • Daily 90-minute Chakra Yoga Sadhana Sessions followed by Brunch. The practice will tune you up and into the body, mind, and breath while focusing awareness on individual chakras, related glands, and organs and bring awareness to states of consciousness related to each energy center. Learn to tune into and balance chakras with asana, pranayama, mantra, mudra, affirmations, and more

  • Daily 90-minute Chakra Mapping-Life Path Awakening Workshop followed by Daily Outing & Free time (optional holistic appointments)
    Q & A with journaling, lectures, personal sharing, and group discussion. Techniques and tools to address and balance the chakras will be shared.

  • Day 6: Sunset Meditation (on final evening) and optional dinner in a local restaurant (priced separately) Sunset will be observed and celebrated with a guided meditation for releasing of the old, outdated and unwanted in order to usher in the light of change and positive growth required to move forward into a more empowered you!

Day 7
  • Closing Circle to consolidate and reflect on the week's practices and experience.

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