Wonderful Wild

A family playtime experience to revitalize the self & renew the family bond


Bi-Monthly Gathering from October - May​ 


Join us for playtime adventures dedicated to families with children between the ages of 4-10.

The playgroup is intended to bring together families who are looking for an opportunity to bond more deeply with one another, with nature, and with a small community of like-minded friends in a creative and wholesome, yet wonderfully wild magical playtime experience that we share together.

The playtime sessions take place outdoors in our magnificent island surroundings, or indoors in our retreat space when the weather requires.


The playtime concept has been loosely inspired by the award-winning story, "Where the Wild Things Are." In the story, a child goes on an imaginative journey to an island where his wild nature can be fully expressed in a wonderful rumpus. After having time and space to explore and enjoy his primal nature, the child comes back home to the ones who love him the most.


Because of this little escape from life and family norms, both the parent and the child are rebalanced and renewed. Our program aims to revitalize the self and renew our family relationships as the result of our wonderful wild rumpus together through various approaches.  


The sessions will take you on a holistic adventure where you and your little ones will engage in a cross-cultural, multi-lingual, community-based exchange that fosters:

  • Mind-Body-Spirit Connection through yoga, movement and mindfulness,

  • Creativity through artistic explorations,

  • Life Skills through practical workshops,

  • Nature Connection through meaningful contact with the natural island environment,

  • Cultural Exploration through the visiting of local museums and other cultural institutions, and

  • Adventure through hiking, cycling, and other nature-based activities.

Program Format


We will start the session by moving our bodies to relax and release energy. Next, we'll settle down to discuss daily theme or story (parents will translate and check for comprehension). After sharing the daily theme, we'll play games with movement and sound, and allow our imagination to guide us through an improvised playtime experience together. The sessions conclude by creating works of art inspired by daily theme, followed by a "potluck" snack (everyone brings something to be shared with the others).

When outdoors, we'll incorporate the natural environment into our playtime sessions, making each adventure as unique as the place we gather in and the people co-creating the experience together.

Playtime Locations 

The sessions will take in various places around the island and will be held indoors in our studio when the weather requires. The dates & locations will be disclosed via private messaging.


There will be an opportunity to enjoy kid-friendly, soft adventures together while on location, as well as the chance to visit local playgrounds and/or local cultural institutions, when available.


Every second Saturday from 10.30-12.00 

Price: Suggested donation: 30 kunas (1 adult + 1 child) / 40 kunas (1 adult + 2 children)

Exchange-Based Service

You may bring along the suggested donation in kunas or provide a service exchange of equal value.

Please be sure to let us know your contribution preference. 


Please also bring:

  • art supplies for personal use

  • a healthy snack/drink that can be shared with others

  • yoga or activity mat for you and your child(ren) to play on*
    (You may rent a yoga mat from us for 5 kunas per mat)

Pandemic Safety

Indoor sessions will be limited to 5 children and 5 adults max. - please reserve your spot in advance.


Please do not join the session if you or your child have a cough, runny nose, and/or other cold-like symptoms.

Hvala i vidimo se! 🙏