Viva Shakti!

16 - 22 August
Honor your femininity with this inspiring women's yoga and belly dance event



Honor your femininity by immersing yourself in women's retreat where you will experience yoga and belly dancing as tools to honor, embrace and celebrate your divine Shakti energy.


Throughout the week we will explore yoga for women and address related issues such as body awareness and confidence, feminism and Goddess Culture. We will address our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual qualities as women through the practices and discussions; evoking a celebratory spirit of honoring sacred femininity in a joyful and playful way within a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.




The belly dancing will be led by Edina Husanovic, an artist who recently completed a PhD from the University of Reading in UK, researching the practice of belly dancing in Europe, while the women's yoga sessions will be led by Suncokret's holistic yoga therapist, Evening Marie.


During the morning yoga sadhana, we will employ practices to address women’s needs on a physical and psycho-spiritual level. The yoga sessions will help us tune into the major feminine power centers, or chakras, including the sacral, heart and third eye, and will thus help balance our reproductive, glandular and circulatory systems and help awaken our creativity, receptiveness, and intuition. Powerful meditation practices that balance the female psyche will also be introduced daily.


In the belly dancing sessions, the participants will be invited to learn the basics of belly dancing and develop their body confidence, characteristic of this dance form that is inclusive of all body shapes. The classes will comprise a mixture of choreography and body toning exercises, as well as the theory that accompanies the practice, which comes from the artist’s original research. You will learn about the history of this hybrid dance form that lies on the intersections between the East and the West, its connections to feminism and the Goddess Culture, and how belly dancers respond to many myths and stereotypes that accompany this dance.


Who is this for? 

Women of all backgrounds, shapes, and sizes keen on nurturing their femininity through women's yoga and belly dance.


Many who practice belly dance and yoga have reported an increased sense of body confidence and the feeling of being comfortable in their own skin. We invite you to explore this joyful feeling in the safe and beautiful environment of Suncokret and Hvar. 



  • Sunday Evening (at Suncokret): Welcome Circle and Program Introduction

  • Monday - Friday Morning: Women's Yoga - Warm-up with Intuitive Flow (20-30 min); Women's Yoga focus segment (40 min) Meditation (10-30 min)

  • Monday - Thursday Afternoon: Belly Dancing Sessions (see below)

  • Friday evening - Sunset celebration

  • Saturday morning: Closing circle

Belly Dancing Workshop Details:

Monday: Warm-up and body conditioning (10-20 min) Midbody isolations and introduction to choreography (30-40 min) Discussion & sharing circle - History of belly dancing (20-30 min)


Tuesday: Warm up and body conditioning; Focus on footwork and development of choreography; Discussion & sharing circle - ‘Dis-Orient Express’ – interviews with belly dancers along the route of the Orient Express. We will focus on the research findings that testify to the development of body confidence and empowerment


Wednesday:  Warm up and body conditioning; Focus on arm work and development/rehearsal of choreography; Discussion & sharing circle - ‘Fire in the Belly’- Belly dancing, Goddess Culture, and Feminism


Thursday: Warm up and body conditioning; Rehearsing the choreography – isolations, footwork, arm work; Discussion & sharing circle - The cultural politics of belly dancing - how do we practice belly dancing with respect to its cultures, joy, and authenticity?

This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic retreat adventure on Hvar Island - the Suncokret way!


Included in the Viva Shakti Program Package is a 60-minute Goddess Tarot Reading with Evening Marie or 50-EUR credit toward a Massage or Spa Treatments by appointment

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