Travel Guide Part 2... 

Traveling via Zadar

The distance from Zadar to Split is 158km and the journey can take you anywhere from 1 hour 40 minutes by highway, or up to 4 hours if you go by bus along the old coastal road.


Bus to Split

If you arrive at Zadar Airport you have a Zadar Airport Bus which will get you to Zadar Bus station. However, If you are in Zadar's old town you will have to catch a taxi from the old town to the Zadar bus station as it’s not within walking distance.


There is a huge number of bus departures from Zadar to Split with different companies,  the ticket costs around 80 kunas or 11 euros; you can find tickets here:


It is advisable that you book your ticket in advance as its peak tourist season and the Zadar to Split bus fills quickly. 


From Split, you can follow our guide on the previous page to reach us in Hvar.


Traveling via Zagreb


Bus to Split

The cheapest and probably easiest public transport option is to travel from Split to Zagreb by bus.


There are many services throughout the day, running every hour, including throughout the night. If you want to enjoy a full day in Split prior to boarding the ferry to the island, why not take the overnight bus from Zagreb.  Alternatively, the first Zagreb to Split bus option of the day leaves at 5 am, and the journey generally takes around five hours, depending on traffic. Do remember to book your ticket ahead of time, as this is a very popular and busy service.


You can find tickets here:


Buses are comfortable, and some have Wi-Fi onboard, with regular bathroom breaks along the way. You can quickly check out departure times and availability online. Prices vary according to the bus company you use.


Traveling via Rijeka


Bus to Split

Some of the buses drive the entire year around, others only for a limited period during the summer season. The bus travel time from Rijeka to Split is about 8 hours; you can find tickets and the schedule here:



Traveling via Italy


Ferry from Italy to Split & Stari Grad

You can also take the ferry from Ancona or Pescara direct to Stari Grad or Split. Check out the latest information here: BlueLine and also Snav


EasyJet flies from London Stanstead to Venice, from where you can catch a bus to Rijeka and take the Jadrolinija ferry overnight down the coast to Stari Grad (via Split). Further south, you can go from Bari to Dubrovnik via Jadrolinija and either travel up the coast by bus to Split or take the ferry from Dubrovnik, departing 7.00 Sunday morning, to Stari Grad, arriving on Sundays at 16.30.


Busses from Italy to Croatia


Traveling via Dubrovnik

Getting to Hvar Island from Dubrovnik is rather easy and there are several options to consider.


Flight Connections to Split

One good travel option is to fly from Dubrovnik Airport to Split and from there either take a bus or taxi to the port or go directly to the island via seaplane. See our Travel Guide part 1 for more info.


Dubrovnik Ferry Connection to the Stari Grad Port

From late June - late September, it is usually possible to ferry directly to Stari Grad from Dubrovnik. Departures are usually scheduled on Sundays at 7 am, arriving in Stari Grad at 16.30.  Check the Jadrolinija website for current details (they often do not post the summer schedule before June 1st)!


From 1.06 – 1.10 there is a catamaran line offered by , departing Dubrovnik at 7 am and arriving on the island at 10.30 am.

This option would give you plenty of time to enjoy the sites in Hvar Town before taking a bus to the Stari Grad port where we would collect you and the others from at 16.30. There is a luggage office right in the main square in Hvar, as well as showers! And you can even swim during your time in the town. Many people spend their extra day in this way before heading over to the retreat.



Bus to Split & Ferry to Stari Grad Port

You can also journey to Split by bus, and from there by ferry to the island.


If you don’t like the idea of spending a day in town prior to reaching us, why not consider taking a bus along the scenic coastal road? The views of the Adriatic sea are mesmerizing and there are so many bus lines to choose from that you could plan your arrival in exactly the way that feels most convenient for you.


Here is the website for the schedule


Here is the section that is relevant to the retreat timeline:


Departure - Arrival

07:45              12:00

08:00              12:25

08:00              12:15

09:00              13:30

09:45              13:40


If you go for any of these bus options, you would arrive in plenty of time to catch the 14.30 ferry to Stari Grad port, arriving at 16.30 just in time for our free transfer service to the retreat. The bus station is just across from the port, so it literally will bring you where you need to be! The ticket costs 16-18 euros, depending on the time you choose. 


Catamaran Connections to Hvar Town & Taxi to the Retreat

There is another catamaran operated by Krilo that departs Dubrovnik every Sunday at 16.30 (7.05-31.08), arriving in Hvar Town at around 19.35, from 01.09 – 27.10 departing at 16.00 and arriving at 19.05!


From Hvar you would take a taxi to the retreat:


Check out the timetable here:


Driving to Hvar Island

You can also rent a car to enjoy a drive up the coast. One option is to pick up your car from Dubrovnik Airport and drop it off at Split Airport. Or you can drive directly onto the island via ferry crossing from either Drvenik or Split. 


Split is about 200 km up the coast from Dubrovnik, and Drvenik is about 110 km. The 30-minute Drvenik ferry crossing will bring you to beautiful Sucuraj on the eastern end of Hvar Island, from where it is an adventurous and scenic drive to Dol Village, approximately 1 hour.



Places to Stay & Eat in Dubrovnik

Traveling by Bus from European Destinations