Summer Breeze

7 - 13 July 2019 + 14 - 20 July 2019
Summer Breeze - awaken your senses with yoga on the wild beaches and nature spots of Hvar 



Join us for a yoga, beaches and nature holiday program that is designed to transport you to a variety of beautiful beach and nature getaways throughout your stay to help you get grounded, connect to your senses, and rediscover the natural and healing beauty of mother nature.  




Start the day in a happy way, full of light, sun, fresh air and a boundless amount of pure life force energy radiating out from the pristine natural environment. Enjoy connecting to the elements with all of your senses while simultaneously connecting to your whole being by simply closing your eyes and easing into your body-consciousness again.


The daily yoga sadhana will be followed by a light and healthy breakfast. The rest of the retreat time is yours to enjoy as you like: hang out by the sea, take a stroll into a nearby town or village, or enjoy the shelter of the retreat space for some quiet "personal time” and perhaps a holistic treatment of choice. 


A 60-minute yoga Satsang or meditation session will be held each afternoon in various locations (tailored to the group’s wishes) and a delicious vegetarian dinner and quiet time await you in the evenings at the retreat. A sunset meditation and celebratory dinner in a local restaurant top off the week's experience. Come relax and enjoy with us!



During our daily Yoga Sadhana we worship our body, our whole being, while doing Yoga in nature, on the beautiful Yoga terrace or Yoga loft, surrounded by natural beauty at the retreat, or during the afternoon sessions by the beach or in the forest. With grounding Asanas we feel our body and its needs, and through stimulatory Pranayama we revitalize our bodies with the fresh air of the Island of Hvar. And we shall open up our mind again through dedicated meditations held by the sea, for a lifestyle we wish to experience for ourselves back home.


As we reconnect to our true essence by feeling our feet firmly on the ground and opening our heart to the beauty surrounding us every day, we will rediscover our true nature, who we really are, through healthy sattvic vegetarian food which is served outside in the Suncokret garden, and by also thinking healthy thoughts towards ourselves and others while dining and experiencing the week together as a community.



Who is this For? All lovers of yoga, beaches and nature welcome!


Themes & Program Schedule


  • Sunday Evening (at Suncokret): Welcome Circle and Program Introduction


  • Monday Morning Sadhana (at Suncokret): Grouding and smelling • Standing Asanas and balancing poses for our foundation and grounding for the week and cleansing Pranayamas to improve our sense of smell • Smell of Nature Meditation. Afternoon (at Suncokret/in nature): Satsang /Talk about the 6 Senses and how they are related to the Chakras + sharing circle about our relationship and connection to nature and to oneself and the connection to the body and its senses.

  • Tuesday Morning Sadhana (at Suncokret): Grouding and tasting • Grounding and forward bending morning Yoga practice, where we connect to the sense of taste + Post-Breakfast wild-flower picking safari en-route to the beach Afternoon (by the sea):  Taste Meditation followed by a partially-silent dinner 

  • Wednesday Morning Sadhana (at Suncokret): Grouding and Seeing • Grounding Asanas as well as exercise for our eyes, face, neck and head• Sun Gazing (sight) Meditation. Wednesday Evening (at Suncokret/in nature): Eye exercises followed by Tradaka Meditation 

  • Thursday Morning Sadhana (at Suncokret): Grounding and Feeling • Supine Asanas (feel body on the ground)• Partner Yoga (feel your partner's breath and heartbeat)• Feeling Meditation. Afternoon (by the sea): PET: Pranic Energisation Technique Meditation, (learn to experience the Prana, the life-force energy, between your hands and in your whole body)

  • Friday Morning (in surprise location): Grounding & Hearing• Silent Sadhana + Meditation (listen to the sound of nature and your inner sound) Friday Evening (on safari): Sunset Meditation 

  • Saturday Morning (at Suncokret): Closing Circle and Program Conclusion


This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic yoga & healing holiday adventure on Hvar - the Suncokret way!

Additional offers

• Pranic Healing Sessions or Yoga Therapy for special topics with Daniela

About the Teacher: 

See our interviews from 2016 and 2015 with Daniela, and visit her website:

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