Interview with Davorka Tolic, co-host of the Inner Peace event

We got together with Davorka Tolic, co-host of the upcoming Inner Peace event taking place twice this summer, from 2 - 8 and 23-29 August, 2020.

Tell us a little about yourself; what else do you do besides teach


I have been in the business of educating others ever since college. For

over 15 years, I have been focusing on teaching soft skills and

managerial skills for a company that has cooperative clients. However,

I have come to realize that I have much more to offer to people who

would like to work on personal development in different ways, and this realization has led me to learning the holistic techniques that I am focusing on sharing today.

How did you get into yoga, TRE and essential oils?

I have always been physically active and was introduced to yoga about

12 years ago. After my first class, I was so thrilled that I knew it would

stick with me for the rest of my life. After a few years of practice, I decided to deepen my knowledge and take a Teacher Training Course.

One thing led to another and soon I met a yoga teacher who

introduced me to TRE (Tension Release Exercises). I felt as TRE was

that one missing piece that could help a person manage daily life

successfully and cope with all the stresses modern life brings. Then,

three years ago, I came across essential oils and, ever since trying

them, I’ve been learning about how to use them to enhance the quality

of my daily life

What would you say is the one best thing about TRE?

For me, it is knowing that TRE can help anyone and witnessing the

reactions of people that experience TRE for the first time. I feel a deep

sense of gratitude and contentment that I have been able to help

others discover a new practical way of relieving stress, tension and even

trauma. And enhancing that experience by using essential oils which

help bring feelings of instant bliss and relief. It is really impossible not

to feel good when using both these tools together. What has been your best teaching experience to date?

I would single out the TRE session I led with my first big group of

people from my hometown of Tuzla, Bosnia. The energy was so high

and positive during the session that we were laughing for the whole

two hour workshop. And the results were amazing; we were talking

about the workshop for days and participants were sharing experiences

for hours and days after the session. They were also

thrilled with the effects of essential oils that I combined with TRE.

Besides yoga, TRE and essential olis, what is your favorite thing?

I love hiking and spending time in nature. I still haven’t tried TRE on a

hill top, but I believe it would be an amazing experience.