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How to de-stress in matter of minutes (if you are not a meditation fan) by Davorka Tolic

In this hectic modern lifestyle, it is hard to find a person who is not stressed out. Being one of them myself, I was looking for ways that could give me a quick and effective stress relief when I needed it the most. I tried many different techniques and most of them work (some bit better than others) but for most of them you need ample time and a physical place to do them. For an average person, even 10 minutes a day for meditating, for example, can seem a luxury.

My answer to this challenge came in the form of essential oils. Yes, they smell amazing and the best thing is that you can take them anywhere with you. They will work whether you are stuck in traffic, or in an important meeting, and when taking care of your family or traveling. The hardest thing with essential oils is to pick only one or two – there are so many which can help you in many different ways.

Being an essential oils lover and passionate consumer for three years now, I can recommend four oils that relieve stress and help you feel calm and peaceful. These are all singe oils (derived from one plant) and easily accessible, so you can try them right away.

Cedarwood will be most helpful with releasing environmental stress caused by constant noise, inadequate working conditions, being in the same space for a long time, etc.

Lavender is the best in relieving stress caused by different substances like coffee, cigarettes, junk food, medicaments or anything else your body might have been exposed to.

Roman Chamomile can help you the most when you experienced some physical stress for example pushing your body to the limits, getting exhausted at work or working out too hard.

Bergamot is very good with dealing with emotional and mental stress such as overwhelming feelings, extreme mental activities like studying for exam or preparing for important presentation or just going through a period of life where you worry a lot about certain things.

Of course, very often we experience stress that origins from many different sources and there is no problem in combining any of the oils I mentioned. All of these oils are safe to use around children and pets, just make sure you follow the instructions on the label.

How to apply the oils:

1. Put them in a diffuser (this is not the same as the traditional lamp that heats the water). You should diffuse for about an hour to hour and a half and repeat several times a day. Good option is to diffuse just before bed time. Possible combinations:

a. 2 drops lavender + 3 drops bergamot

b. 2 drops cedarwood + 2 drops bergamot + 1 drop lavender + 1 drop roman chamomile

c. 2 drops lavender + 3 drops cedarwood

d. 3 drops cedarwood + 2 drops roman chamomile

2. Inhale from your palms

This is very effective way and has a great impact in a very short period of time. You will feel the difference within two minutes.

Put one drop of the desired oil on your palm, rub your palms together and inhale deeply as long as you feel a strong scent.

3. Apply topically

You can apply oils basically anywhere on your body but the most effective place for stress relief will be on the inner side of your wrists, on the sides of your neck, and behind the ears. If you are experiencing a headache or similar discomfort, you can apply them to the base of your head as well. An easy way of applying your favourite oils topically is to put them in a roller bottle with some quality carrier oil (such as almond, jojoba, coconut) and apply it on the go whenever you need it.

Whichever way you choose to use the oils, the results are inevitable. Experiment what works best for you and in which situation. Have the oils of your choice with you at all times and use them regularly. The effects of the essential oils wear out in about two hours so you can repeat the process several times a day. The secret of having long term results is in consistency. Enjoy your journey to living life with less stress!

Davorka Tolic

Davorka is the co-host of the Inner Peace Event taking place at Suncokret from 2 - 8 August and 23 - 29 August 2020. To learn more about Davorka, see our interview with her here and check out our recorded Instagram Live Chat with her here!


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