2016 Events Interview Series - Part 6 - Recognizing Miracles with "Precision & Flow",

We welcome back former guest and guest-teacher, Chloé Bovay, to Suncokret late this summer. For the second year in a row, Chloe will be leading an exclusive event in French entitled "Precision and Flow".

Dearest Chloe, can you tell our readers more about what you have been up to since your retreat with us last summer?

After the retreat at Suncokret, I took a break last summer and did a trip to New York. Travelling is important for me, both inside and outside... I love to discover, to observe, to immerge myself in a different places and cultures. My soul has always told me the next place to go... When I come back home, I always feel nurtured by my trip, and more centered.

Then I went back to Geneva where I have been teaching the whole year.

It has been a very special year for me. Very introspective, meditative, with daily walks in forest... I’ve spent a lot of time alone, walking in nature, reading, feeling connected with something within, which ended up with more serenity.

​What are your fondest memories of the retreat week you lead at Suncokret last year?

Maybe the last class/practice outside, in this wonderful place, an old abandoned village... It was quite magical.

What was the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge was to teach a whole week with the same group, to take them from one point to the other (I usually teach weekly classes). We all arrived pretty exhausted - the students and me. At the end of the week I could see that the faces had changed, and it was the most beautiful gift.

​​What are you bringing to the table this year that is different from last year?

More confidence. From this autumn, I’ve felt guided in my teaching by some hig