Reiki Workshops...

Reiki education and attunement offers the opportunity to develop your sense of well being by recognizing the healing Life Force power that exists within and around you. It enables you to channel that energy for healing purposes; for yourself, for your loved ones, for the world around you. Come explore the profound, life-enhancing power of Reiki and bare witness to your own magnificent inner blossoming! 

Reiki I  - Awaken the Healer Within

Learn to channel healing energy to heal the body, mind and spirit!


150 euro - The 6-hour workshop includes :

  • Introduction to Reiki

  • Reiki I attunement ceremony

  • Demonstration, learning & practice of channeling Reiki 

  • Demonstration & practice self-administering Reiki 

  • Reiki I manual & certificate

Reiki II - Develop Skills & Increase Flow

Develop a greater capacity to channel healing energy to yourself, other people, and even send it through time and space to people & situations!


250 euro - The 8-hour workshop includes :

  • Reiki II introduction & attunement

  • Use of 3 major Reiki symbols & their practical application during a treatment

  • Applying level 2 techniques on oneself, as well as on another person

  • Distance healing, concept, demonstration & practice of techniques

  • Reiki II manual & certificate. (Open to Suncokret Reiki I students only. Can be taken together with Reiki I within a 2-week retreat stay.)

OR: 350 euros for both workshops, over an extended retreat stay