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Suncokret's Integrated Holistic Lifestyle Program

Where every moment is an ascent to your center, and every level brings you closer to your Self and Purpose.

A Multi-Dimensional Experience

Suncokret's unique Integrated Holistic Lifestyle (IHL) program formula is a blending of our location, accommodation, meals, and Dalmatian lifestyle together with the daily Yoga Sadhana, "deep-dive" sessions, outings, and free time that renders a masterfully transformative and deeply inspiring, mulit-dimensional experience.

Sign up for "Balance and Bliss," our classic retreat program that forms the foundation for all of our events, or take part in a special event that explores a specific theme in depth.

No matter your event choice, our unique holistic lifestyle program is designed to restore a sense of well being with yourself and the world around you.

Buddha statue room detail at Suncokret Body & Soul Retreat

Program Part 1: The Yoga Sadhana 


Sadhana is a Sanskrit word that means a daily spiritual practice that connects you to Self, Source, and Purpose.


Our morning yoga sadhana includes a beautiful blend of mantra chanting, pranayama, yoga asanas (postures), relaxation, meditation, and holistic self-care practices that help you tune into yourself, the Divine, and the intentions you have for your life in a profound way.


The sadhana builds systematically each day of the week and will take you on an incredible soul journey that puts you in touch with your chakras, your senses, your thoughts, and feelings and helps balance your body and mind while gently awakening your spirit.


The sessions last 90 - 120 minutes and will prepare you to greet the daily adventures in a state of balance, inner peace, clarity, and purpose.

Part 2: The Daily Deep-Dive Session


In combination with the Yoga Sadhana, the daily "deep-dive" sessions help to enrich and animate your holistic experience. We present a range of topics that are customized to meet participants' needs and wishes.

These sessions, conducted at the retreat, at the beach, or in hidden nature spots and typically include:

  • Mondays: Satsang - What is Yoga, The 8 Limbs of Yoga Spiritual Anatomy, Yoga Pathway for Conscious Living

  • Tuesdays: Exploring Creativity / Meditation

  • Wednesdays: Satsang - Ayurveda and the Doshas, Gunas & Cyclical Rhythms of Life / Meditation

  • Thursdays: Practice Focus - Chanting / Pranayama / Meditation

  • Fridays: Dalma-Veg Cooking Session & Sunset Meditation

welcome circle at Suncokret
Pranayama Practice Suncokret
JOURNALING at Suncokret
Dalmatian Cooking at Suncokret
Meditation at Suncokret
practice by the sea
Sunset Meditation at Suncokret
Nature Explorer Hike
Taste of Hvar - Produce Picking
Radiance - Face Yoga & Organic Spa
Organic Spa - Radiance
Art & Creativity Sessions - Art of Mindfulness
Art & Creativity - Art of Mindfulness
Taste of Hvar - DALMA-VEG Cooking Workshop
Heal Your Life - Reiki Workshop
Refine Your Vision Dream Manifestation©_Daniela-Dippong_IMG_5501

However, during theme-based events, rather than exploring a range of topics as presented above, the deep-dive sessions are instead focused on an in-depth exploration of the stated event theme: 

"Thank you for my fabulous retreat week. I enjoyed the program so much - such a superb balance of yoga, meditation, day trips out, and relaxing time. The Food was spectacular and the retreat is so cosy and relaxing, too. Thank you, thank you, thank you!" -Hannah, UK 
"Your beautiful yoga style has made me fall in love with yoga." - Polona, Slovenia
"I appreciate your generosity in sharing your cultures through stories, food and excursions... This is a part of Croatia that can't be described in tour books!" - Marsha, USA
Walking tour

Parts 3 & 4: Daily Outings & Free Time


Off the mat, out of the retreat center, and around the island, we go!


In parts 3 and 4 of the program, we'll sweep you off on a conceptualized daily outing, where you will have the chance to explore key parts of the island & the local way of life, and where you will enjoy dedicated free time to relax, reflect & rejuvenate in whatever way you choose! 

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival: Becoming Familiar: Dol Village Tour  

Day 2: Grounding & Earth: Stari Grad & Beaches & Ager

Day 3: Creativity & Water: Soline Beach & Creativity Session / Meditation by the Sea

Day 4: Confidence & Fire: Hvar, Pakleni & Highlands 

Day 5: Love & Air: Quaint Village & Beach & PET session

Day 6: Truth & Sound: Surprise + Sunset & Celebration

Day 7: Departure: Returning home in Balance & Bliss


Learn more about the locations we visit here.

"Thank you for going above and beyond to show us such a wonderful time, for showing us beautiful hidden treasures; the magic of the history, culture and cuisine of Hvar."  - Tania & Rob, Canada


The Daily Rhythm

Regardless of the event theme, the daily rhythm generally flows as follows: 

7.30:   Self-Catered Coffee / Tea

8.00:   Morning Yoga Sadhana

10.00: Brunch

11.00: Deep Dive (or) Free time (+ one cooking workshop & lunch at the retreat instead of one dinner)

13.00: Daily Outing

13.30: Free Time to explore, swim & enjoy yourself

17.00: 2nd timeslot for free time at the retreat (or) the daily Deep Dive session if not scheduled earlier

19.00: Dinner 

20.00: Socializing/Journaling/Self-Reflection/Your Time

The daily rhythm is adjusted organically according to the event theme, the season, and guests' wishes.


"This is my third retreat with you and each time is different but equally amazing. The group connected so well and I will keep this week in my heart forever." - Fiona, Ireland