Community Lifestyle...

We welcome you to be a part of Suncokret's community-based retreat lifestyle with a family of like-minded friends! 

Shared Facilities


In addition to the outdoor yoga terrace and a newly built indoor practice area, other shared facilities include the main living room and indoor dining area, an enclosed garden with outdoor dining area, as well as several other patios, decks, balconies in which guests enjoy socializing in with new retreat friends. Each cottage also features a tea-making corner, where you can prepare fresh herbal infusions using freshly picked ingredients from our garden.


Guests may borrow inspiring books, magazines, music & DVDs from our retreat library provided they are treated with care, and washing machines are available on a pay-per-load basis. 


Though we encourage "switching off" as much as possible during retreat time, there is also limited Wi-Fi access available in some areas of the retreat property. Enquire on booking if you are in need of internet access during your stay! 

Seva - Community Service


Acts of kindness and consideration for others create a rippling effect of positivity on those who experience and witness the action! That's why Seva (i.e. Karma Yoga) is considered an integral part of a true holistic lifestyle. It provides everyone at the retreat the opportunity to act as a responsible and caring member of our community of like-minded friends and act as an agent of positivity for everyone to benefit from, including you!


During the week, guests might be given the opportunity to help out in the garden, or perhaps lend a hand with produce picking and harvesting (wildflowers & lavender, grapes and olives) or even food production (sun-drying tomatoes or bottling olives, etc.). It is considered part of the program that each guest does her/his part to keep the retreat property tidy, help out at meal times, and lend a hand in any way they feel empowered to do so within the community!



Communing with Animals & Nature


Suncokret retreat has several pets roaming the property who enthusiastically welcome you during your time here. Maza is our most loyal canine companion; Samson is our curious albino cat; and Lily is our silly talking hound with a very playful disposition. Tigra and her kitten clan might also come round to visit. Though our pets are not allowed in the guest bedrooms, they do wander freely around the property, sometimes even dropping in for the yoga sessions!


Our family farm also houses a number of beloved chickens (for eggs), rabbits (for fertilizer) and a handful of working dogs, though they do not generally mingle with guests. In fact, the entire island is teaming with wildlife, which you will surely come face to face with during your daily explorations!


If you suffer from allergies or fear of animals or Mother Nature, it is best to consult with us prior to booking your stay at Suncokret!

"I very much appreciated the personal touch in the atmosphere & design of the space, as well as the very warm and open contact with the hosts throughout the days. Stipe's calm presence & wonderful garden & kitchen made me smile & kept me well fed throughout my stay. The pets are great to have around, I felt like I was welcomed into a family, which made the whole experience so much more intimate & personal. It's very rare to find a mix of rural and urban, personal development and common sense- groundedness, a very Croatian & international experience simultaneously." - Maja, Belgium


"I have had a fantastic week of relaxing and getting in touch with all that matters in life. Thank you for allowing me to share your home, your food and your beautiful lifestyle." - Sophy, UK


"Thank you so very, very much for an absolutely amazing week in paradise. You have, together, built something very special - simple, spiritual and beautiful. It began to feel like my home. It wasn't as I expected, but grew to love it because it was not "the expected"."- Beverley, Canada

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