Live Fit for Life

5 - 11 July
Live Fit for Life - transform your health & fitness lifestyle with Yoga & the 5 Pillars of Wellbeing 

The Live Fit for life retreat encompasses all that it means to truly transform our health and fitness lifestyles. By combining regular full-body fitness workouts with holistic yoga, yoga lifestyle philosophy, and exploring the basics of human nutrition this retreat will help you reboot and refresh and establish more positive lifestyle habits.



Living in a fast-paced world and dealing with the stresses of work and life can lead to us placing our health and fitness on the back burner. By focusing on the 5 main Pillars to leading a balanced lifestyle, we hope to help you unlock and overcome barriers that have been holding you back from truly respecting your mind, body, and soul on the physical and metaphysical levels. The 5 Pillars for attaining Life Balance are 1. Movement 2. Nourishment 3. Mindfulness 4. Self-awareness 5. Environment.


We’ll also introduce yoga as the science for conscious living that guides us in understanding and integrating what we need in order to live in harmony with ourselves & our environment.



Fitness Lifestyle expert, Coach Olivia, and Holistic Yoga Therapist, Evening Marie will offer the tools and skills necessary to take action in leading a positive, healthier lifestyle.


Coach Olivia will show you how to re-condition your current physical body with daily fitness classes that focus on strengthening the entire body through different workout methods. She will also help you discover new ways of nourishing your body by learning the fundamentals of human nutrition, how to eat for your health. You will participate in a live cooking class that will focus on giving you real tips and tricks to making eating healthy food easy on a daily basis. Finally, she will help you unlock your personal power through self-love workshops and empowerment exercises that will help you reconnect to yourself and your body.


Evening Marie, Suncokret's Yoga Therapist, will lead you through gentle yoga sessions and introduce enlightening yogic philosophy that will help you review and adjust your yoga practice & lifestyle habits in a more holistic, balanced way that is appropriate for you.


Who is this for?

This retreat is for anyone looking for a better self-understanding and ways to feel and look healthier, gain an overall sense of calmness and well-being. We hope to ignite a flame from within to help you truly glow from the inside out.


Themes & Program Schedule

  • Sunday Evening (at Suncokret): Welcome Circle and Program Introduction - Meet your fellow retreat friends, and debrief about your personal intention for your life retreat, get to know your hosts


Monday Theme:  Find Your Focus

  • Morning Practice (at Suncokret) Pilates Fitness Fusion Movement Class: Awaken your body with a fitness class that merges the core and strength work of mat pilates in a high-intensity session to release electric vibrations through our mind and body for the start of our week!

  • Afternoon (at Suncokret): Breaking Down Nourishment: History of food, fundamentals of daily nutrition to live a healthier more nourished life, includes learning manual and personal food diary.

  • Evening (at Suncokret):  Yoga Satsang & Connecting to Your Inner Guidance. Discussion on yoga for total personality development followed by a guided practice to connect to your inner guidance 

Tuesday Theme: Vitality

  • Morning Practice (at Suncokret): 3-D Yoga & meditation for Self Love: Gentle yoga session focusing on building 3-D awareness, followed by  a meditation to cultivate self-love 

  • Afternoon (by the sea): Go with the Glow Morning Fitness Class: After a relaxing day by the sea, participants will embark on a 45-minute mindful hike led by Olivia through the beautiful nature of Soline resort, followed by a Jabs class at the retreat (learning the fundamentals of boxing) a great analogy for fighting through life’s tough times, elevating and relieving stress.

  • Evening (at Suncokret):  A Moment of Mindfulness
    Start to restore and repair the personal relationship you have with your body by uncovering the power of positive thinking and healing negative connotations towards your body. 


Wednesday Theme: Take Your Action

  • Morning Practice (At Suncokret) Yoga practices for good digestion
    This active yoga session will focus on moving your digestion while also connecting you to your willpower, center for inner vision, and resilience

  • Post-Brunch (at Suncokret) Focus Pillar 2 (Nourishment): Conscious Cooking. Live cooking class to demonstrate the tools and steps needed to build healthy meals easily on a daily basis. 

  • Afternoon (at Suncokret): Group Fit: HIIT: This high-intensity fitness class will test your personal fitness level incorporating a program of full-body exercises to awaken your inner fire and get happy hormones flowing throughout our body.


Thursday Theme: Going Beyond

  • Morning Practice (at Suncokret): "Walking with Ease & Confidence" Strength-Based Leg Workout 
    This session will focus on strengthening and toning the thighs, glutes, and hamstrings. Our legs are our connection to the earth and by strengthening and forming a mind-muscle connection with them we will be able to feel more functional whilst completing everyday activities in our life. 

  • Afternoon (by the Sea) - Deep stretching & Refocusing Meditation with Journaling Action Plan. A deep stretching session will help lengthen our body and remove built-up muscle tension from the week, followed by a Refocusing Meditation with Journaling to jot down the pillar + Action Plan you need to focus on when you leave the retreat.

  • Evening (at Suncokret): Meditation for breaking deep habits and karmic patterns with Evening Marie.


Friday Theme: Reconditioning

  • Morning Practice (in nature): Deep Core Workout
    This session is focused on utilizing deep pelvic floor muscles and strengthening our abdominals, followed by a catch-up session with Olivia to put in place a personal approach to your fitness beyond Suncokret: How can we become more active in our daily life at home?

  • Post-Practice Mindfulness Picnic Brunch (in nature):  Surrounded by the serenity of the natural environment we will refresh and cleanse our minds with a calming meditation practice that will bring us a peaceful moment of clarity, and connect us to our physical body. The session is followed by a wonderful group picnic where we learn how to manage over-eating, and learn to recognize our natural hunger signals + disconnect from unhealthy emotional relationships with food.

  • Friday Evening (in nature): Reconditioning Workshop & Sunset Meditation: Focus Pillars 4 & 5 - Self Awareness & Environment. This workshop will allow you to understand what it means to refocus and recondition your mind to make more positive daily choices and habits, how to create personal change and the steps to taking action!


This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic retreat adventure on Hvar Island - the Suncokret way!


Included in the Live Fit for Life Program Package is a 30-minute Personal Life Coaching session with Coach Olivia + a 30-minute holistic consultation / treatment with Evening Marie

Additional offers
  • 1 hour 1 on 1 Personal Training with Coach Olivia - 60 EUR

  • 1 hour Personal Life Coaching with Olivia - Includes custom Exercise programs and a nutritional plan of action to take home - 60 EUR

  • A la Carte Holistic Services by Appointment with Evening Marie