Life Path Awakening – Part 1

A self-awakening, life-empowering journey into the core of yourself and your life’s true purpose, composed by Evening Lategano © 2015

Before you begin, take note: Read and then answer ONE question at a time (do not read ahead before starting, you will be too much in your mind rather than in your heart!).

Take your time to do each exercise slowly & mindfully. Pause when you feel you have said everything. Then go back and see if something more comes up for you. Do this at least 3 times before moving onto the next question.

If ever you feel stuck while answering a question, take a break! Go for a walk in nature, do some yoga or have a cup of tea, watch TV or read a book, go out dancing... turn off your brain and relax for a while.

Come back to the questions when you feel energized and ready to delve deeply into the center of your soul. Remember to E-N-J-O-Y the process... you’re getting to know you like never before... this is a gift to

yourself that cannot be rushed!


—  Name, Title