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Sample Itinerary

Our active yet rejuvenating itinerary blends the daily yoga sadhana & deep-dive sessions with daily outings that restore you back to balance while simultaneously showcasing the best features of our beautiful island and local way of life!
Day 1: Welcome to Dol
Welcome to Suncokret Retreat Center, located in the Village of Dol on the beautiful Island of Hvar in Croatia!
Today you'll check in, have a delicious dinner in the garden, and get to know your new retreat family.

After dinner, we’ll take you on a guided walking tour of our beautiful 12th-century hamlet, where you will awaken your senses by coming into contact with the island’s indigenous flora and fauna and where you will be dazzled by spectacular views of the island from our ideally-perched hilltop position.

Day 2: Discovering Stari Grad Town & Coves 

Enjoy a stroll through Croatia's oldest town where you can see ancient Greek & Roman ruins, visit historical museums, browse through funky art galleries and boutique shops, or sit in a waterfront cafe for some people-watching.


From the edge of town, catch a taxi boat to the beach resort area on the other side of the bay, or simply stroll along the beautiful coastline to find the perfect little cove in which to swim and sunbathe the rest of the afternoon away! We are also happy to drop you off in a naturist bay, from where you can stroll into town at your leisure when ready.

Recommended Free Time Activities: cycling the coast & along the peninsula or water taxi to a hidden cove

Day 3: Tour of the Stari Grad Plain & Afternoon at Soline Beach Resort, Sightseeing in Vrboska

Enjoy free time in Soline, a lovely resort that features two restaurants, three boho-chic cafes, a hotel resort and spa, and a land and water sports center, all within a 10-minute stroll along the coastline. Leave the crowds behind to find your own little slice of heaven along the Soline peninsula, which offers a multitude of tiny coves with crystal-clear waters, sure to take your breath away. The afternoon program will be conducted at the beach before heading back to Dol.


En route to/from Soline, you will be taken on a safari ride through the UNESCO-protected plain called "Ager," where you will witness the pure splendor of ancient fields and vineyards that date back over 2000 years. We'll make a stop to climb an ancient field house, pick some wild herbs or flowers, and/or visit the Suncokret family vineyard & olive grove and share insight into local customs associated with these ancient plants & their delicious products.


Recommended Free Time Activities in Soline: sea kayaking, SUP, cycling & Spa services by appointment.

Day 4: Hvar Town & Beaches


Today we'll transport you to Hvar Town, where you can enjoy a multitude of historical and cultural sights, artisan boutiques and galleries, as well as a countless number or cafes and restaurants. 

Catch a water taxi to the neighboring Pakleni Islands, an exotic extension to Hvar's beach-life culture, or take a refreshing dip in a town cove before heading back to the retreat. 

En route to the retreat, you'll be taken on a scenic drive along the island's highlands, passing through ancient villages, lavender plantations, and impressive stone walls, beautifully framed by the setting sun.


Recommended Free Time Activities: Take a water taxi to the neighboring Pakleni Islands, visit Europe's oldest indoor theater, agave-lace exhibit, local art galleries & boutique shops.

Day 5: Relax at a Beautiful Beach Gem & Scenic Drive through Lavender Villages & Hvar Island Highlands; Sunset Experience


Today we'll sweep you off to " Mala Milna (our "Little Slice of Heaven on Earth") or Zarace, (a stunning twin bay with the most amazing boho-chic outdoor restaurant & lounge), where you'll be spoiled by sundrenched pebble beaches set alongside shady pinewood forests and hidden naturist coves. 


While here you can stroll (cycle, snorkel, or kayak) along the coastline for a little exploration and enjoy another glorious afternoon of relaxation, sea, and sun in paradise. We'll re-group for dinner at one of the island's best restaurants, then enjoy a scenic drive through the Lavender Villages and Highlands of Hvar, stopping for a glorious Sunset Experience before returning to the retreat. 

Recommended Free Time Activities: sea kayaking, snorkeling, SUP, massage by the sea, enjoying a drink, snack, or meal in an outdoor waterfront cafe or restaurant.

Day 6: Jelsa Town (or group’s choice of location) & Closing Celebration


Today we'll take it the group's way. One option to consider is a visit to Jelsa, the island's "youngest" seaside town, with its bustling main square featuring numerous cafes, a handful of boutiques, and famous ice cream parlors. As an alternative, we might visit the more remote villages of Stineva, Zavala, Dubovica, or Sv. Nedelja, or perhaps the group's favorite location from previous days.

Recommended Activities: There is a range of optional free time activities you can enjoy in Jelsa (or in other the other mentioned locations). From Jelsa, you can enjoy cycling the coastline to the nearby sandy bays or hiking up to the cyclopean watchtower set above the town. You can also take a water taxi to beautiful bays down the coastline (like Stineva), where you can enjoy a swimming/snorkeling expedition to the hidden twin bay, etc. In Sv. Nedelja, you can hike to the hidden monastary in the cave and visit a famous winery with wine barrels in the sea! Options for location and activities will be discussed and decided on together. The evening will conclude with a wholesome celebration back at the retreat. 

Day 7: Closing Circle & Departure in a state of Balance & Bliss 
Today we'll wrap things up with a beautiful closing circle followed by breakfast, karma yoga & our final farewells. At 10.45 we'll transfer you to the Stari Grad Port, where you can catch a ferry back to the coast and neighboring island or continue your Hvar Island journey on your own. 


Cross-Over Stays: Guests staying on at the retreat for a cross-over period before continuing to participate in the next event are invited to enjoy the many diverse offerings of the island in any way they choose and will be expected to manage their own free time, meals, and transport needs while staying on at the retreat. Enquire about pricing for overnight stays.

A Note About the Sample Itinerary:
The above is a Sample Itinerary based on our 7-day, 6-night Balance & Bliss program format. This sample itinerary may be adapted according to the season, the weekly theme, and other factors. 
All outings are complimentary to your retreat stay and are not obligatory to participate in. Instead of taking part in an outing, you may remain at the retreat for a one-to-one holistic treatment or workshop, or simply enjoy free time in our beautiful surroundings, with the understanding that your day is up to you to organize independently.
Please also note that during the organized outings, your retreat hosts may take you on informal tours of the most interesting sights or simply point you in the right direction to help you find the local offerings which interest you most... whatever fits best given the present circumstances.
We reserve the right to adjust the sample itinerary according to what seems best given present circumstances during any given event. Thanks for your trust & ability to go with the flow. 

"You two seem to be drawing forth the very best the island has to offer." - Valerie, Travel & Leisure Magazine, New York

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