The Inner Peace Retreat

Gain stress release and inner peace with Yoga, TRE®, and essential oils



What would be the best gift that you could give to yourself? Excluding all material things that you might want, the best investment in yourself would be your inner peace - the place within you where everything starts and everything ends.

The eternal question is how to achieve inner peace and what can help us stay there. It is not by having a better job, more money, or a relaxing holiday. It is by finding balance in your life, and learning how to reach that place of bliss and happiness; a place from which you find your strength, energy, and wisdom and where you find the platform to be all you want to be. 



In this week's program lead by Suncokret's Evening Marie & Davorka Tolic, we'll begin at the end – connecting to where we are now and becoming more aware of the quality of life we are living. Our goal will be to recognize what creates stress within us and learn to awake our natural mechanisms for releasing stress through gentle, mindful yoga, TRE® (Tension Release Exercises), and the use of essential oils of therapeutic quality. Together we will combine these tools to release stress and achieve the inner peace you so want and need.


The gentle morning Yoga Sadhana will interweave yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, and mudra in order to help you connect to the inner space within you that is already at peace. In the afternoons, we'll experience the power of TRE® in combination with essential oils, exploring further what our body needs, revealing layer after layer of our inner self and reaching that inner peace.

Who is this for?

This retreat is for anyone looking to find their own way to inner peace through yoga, TRE®, and essential oils. This event will be conducted in English with Croatian translations available.

Program Schedule

Sunday Evening:
Welcome Circle and Program Introduction + Sharing Circle 


Monday - Thursday:

  • Morning - Integrated Holistic Yoga Sadhana with Evening Marie

  • Brunch & Personal consultations

  • Mid Day - Daily Outing with free time for sightseeing & swimming (or one-to-one appointments with Evening or Davorka)

  • Afternoon - TRE®, Yoga and Essential Oils sessions with Davorka

  • Dinner 

  • Evening - Satsang, meditation, one-to-one appointments, relaxation and quiet time


  • Evening -  Sunset Program in Nature 

  • Dinner in a local restaurant (priced separately) 


Saturday Morning: Closing Circle 


This program is interwoven into our weekly itinerary, to provide a complete holistic retreat adventure on Hvar Island - the Suncokret way!


Included in the Inner Peace Program Package is a 30-minute Essential Oils Consultation with Davorka + 90-minute Mind-Sound-Resonance Meditation Therapy Session (done in a group) with Evening Marie

Additional Offers:

120-minute "Raindrop" Essential Oils Massage with Davorka - 120 EUR

A la Carte Holistic Services by Appointment with Evening Marie  

Want to learn more? Read our blog interview with Davorka here and check out our recorded live chat with her here.

Please note: In case there are fewer than 4 participants for this event, we reserve the right to adjust the program as needed, and will instead focus on creating a more personalized experience for each individual attending the retreat. Thanks for your flexibility!