Hvar Community Yoga Initiatives

Providing uniqe yoga programs for the Hvar island community during the "off-season."

Yoga Cross-Fit 
(available November - April)




Join Evening for "Yoga Cross-Fit" training, which is a unique morning practice that blends yoga together with cardio training in a mindful way that helps you connect to yourself within the temple of nature.


YCF training will help you clear your mind, tune into your breath, awaken, stretch, and strengthen your body. The purpose of the training is to kickstart your day in a healthy, active way that gets your circulation flowing, your body limber, and your mood boosted so that you are ready to take on the rest of the day from a place of joy, balance, and inner peace.


Beginners are welcome, though a degree of fitness is required to participate fully. Each participant will be instructed to follow at their own pace and ability.




The morning sessions are divided into 4 segments:

  • 10-minute Warm-Up: tuning in, dedication, Hatha Yoga warm-up

  • 20-minute Cardio Challenge (walking, jogging, or hiking, according to the location possibilities), done at your own pace. 

  • 20-minute Vinyasa Yoga Flow (dancing with movement and breath in yoga sequences)

  • 10-minute Cool-Down: Meditation & Self-Reflection


YCF is available on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings from 9.30 – 10.30, weather permitting.


The sessions will take place in Soline and other inspiring locations around the island. Locations will be announced via a private group messaging system.

Price: 30 kunas drop-in, 75 kunas for 3 sessions, 250 kunas for 12 sessions.
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Shakti Yoga

(available November - April)



Shakti is the Sanskrit word meaning "divine feminine energy" and Shakti Yoga is the practice of yoga with the intentional purpose of meeting a woman's unique physical, hormonal, emotional, and intuitive needs by offering a blend of practices that help balance and support her unique constitutional makeup.




During these sessions, you will enjoy a beautiful, inspiring blend of practices taken from Kundalini, Hatha, and Vinyasa Yoga alongside complementary holistic practices borrowed from other modalities.


Sometimes slow, sometimes fast, sometimes gentle, sometimes powerful.. the sessions will vary according to the feedback received from the circle of participants in attendance, the weather, the season, as well as our desires.


Available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, from 17-18.30, November - April at Suncokret Retreat in Dol.


Price: 40 kunas drop-in, 80 kunas for 2 sessions, 280 kunas for 8 sessions. 

Maximum persons per session 8, observing all Covid-19 safety guidelines.

"Your beautiful yoga style has made me fall in love with yoga." - Polona, Slovenia