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Surya-Shakti Yoga 

Providing inspiring, integrated, holistic yoga and meditation classes in English for the Hvar Island community during the "off-season."

Surya-Shakti Yoga


17 January - 12 May




Surya refers to masculine, solar energy, whereas Shakti refers to divine feminine energy. One is orderly, angular, and precise, the other is rounded, flowing and intuitive. 


Join us for these gentle yet stimulating yoga sessions, which help you to tune up and into your body, heart, and mind so you can start or end your day in a positive, balanced, and beautifully energized way. 

Surya sessions are ideal for beginners and will focus on learning and practicing yoga basics in a traditional way, while Shakti sessions are more appropriate for those who already have some experience with yoga and wish to develop a more creative practice that is guided by feminine principles, such as intuition and creative inspiration.



The sessions are divided into 5 segments:

  • 10-minute Tuning In - Developing body, mind & breath awareness, pranayama practice, mantra chanting & connecting to intention

  • 20-minute Therapeutic Warm-Up - a series of yoga warm-ups that systematically awaken the body from head to toe

  • 30-minute Vinyasa Yoga (flowing through a series of standing and seated yoga poses, guided by the breath and our intention

  • 15-minute Wind-Down - Inversions & Supine poses, followed by a "Meditation in Motion"

  • 15-minute Rest, Reflection & Consolidation - Savasana, Meditation, Mudra


Surya Yoga is available on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9.00 - 10.30, while Shakti Yoga is offered on Mondays & Wednesdays from 16.45-18.15.


We may adjust these times and/or add more classes to the schedule, according to the interest of our students, which will be determined after our open house sessions this Wednesday 12.01 at 16.30 and Thursday 13.01 at 9.00. 


The sessions take place in the Suncokret studio. Advanced registration is needed. Our classes are always adjusted to accommodate students' abilities and needs. Our focus is on the quality of one's personal experience not on the perfection of poses and other techniques.

Special off-season price:
  • Yoga Drop-in - 50 HRK (1 session)
  • Yoga Drop-In - 90 HRK (2 sessions), valid 2 weeks
  • Yoga Drop-in - 160 HRK (4 sessions), valid 4 weeks
  • Yoga Drop-in - 280 HRK (8 sessions), valid 8 weeks
  • Monthly Pass (2 x per week) 200 HRK, valid 4 weeks
  • Monthly Pass (3 x per week) 300 HRK, valid 4 weeks
  • Monthly Pass (4 x per week) - 320 HRK, valid 4 weeks
  • Your first session is gratis!
Limited to 9 persons per session, Covid-19 safety guidelines are followed. Please do not attend if you are experiencing any symptoms of cold or flu.
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"Your beautiful yoga style has made me fall in love with yoga." - Polona