What & Why... 

What is a Holistic Retreat?


The term Holistic refers to an approach to life whereby the whole person is considered - their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects - along with how she or he relates and interacts with life and the environment around.

A retreat provides the opportunity to escape from the stresses of ordinary life to a safe and sacred shelter. Going on retreat enables you to remove yourself from the familiar faces, places, and routines of your daily life and take time out to discover the parts of yourself that are in need of nurturing.

Engaging in daily mind-body-spirit practice such as Yoga, Qigong, or even mindful exercise, combined with eating healthy, organic food, spending time in pure nature, taking time to rest, relax, self-reflect and self-express, alone and with like-minded company, while also receiving supportive guidance from those who are "walking the talk," all play a vital role in creating a successful holistic retreat experience. 


Why Attend a Suncokret Retreat?


Simply put, because of our tired and true track record in providing all the above with excellence and care, along with a daily dose of holiday adventure in a paradise destination for good measure!


Suncokret - pronounced "soon-so-kret", the Croatian word for Sunflower - was established in 2004 as a holistic retreat oasis where guests come to experience the blessings of yoga alongside complementary holistic practices, healing therapies, and soft adventures while immersing themselves in the delightful simplicity of the Dalmatian lifestyle and its celebrated natural environment.


Our retreat came into being as the result of our unique backgrounds, interests, and inner callings that, when merged together, formed a unique "old-meets-new-world holistic lifestyle" vision; one that we have been openly sharing with guests from all walks of life since 2004.


Established as the first retreat center of its kind in Croatia - and indeed throughout the entire Adriatic region - we offer an array of events and specialized holistic services for individuals and small groups on a journey of personal transformation.  


Situated in an authentic, Dalmatian farming village setting, located within the heart of a spectacular paradise island, we provide more than just a holiday experience - we offer an open door into a unique holistic lifestyle that will restore your sense of well being with yourself and the world around you... come and join us!